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Madden NFL 21 is finally here! Get your copy right here today!

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The latest installment of EA Sports wildly popular Madden video game, Madden NFL 21, is now available! EA Sports dropped the Deluxe and MVP editions earlier this week — and are already sold out in most places — but you can still get your standard version right here!

With well over 100 million copies sold, Madden has been a staple for video gamers/football fans since it debuted way back in 1988 and was called John Madden Football.

In case you missed it, you got to check out the Yahoo Sports’ Madden 2020 season simulation.

I know there are a lot of Chicago Bears and WCG members that play Madden, so peep the info below...


Do you want to do more officially sanctioned WCG Madden stuff? Or just enjoy the game?WCG now has an official Madden Discord server! Feel free to offer suggestions, updates, or anything to help the internet’s best Bears community have the best Madden community as well! Invite link is here.