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Bears Over Beers: COVID Opt-outs and QB Battles

Jeff and EJ cover what COVID means for the Bears (so far) and what they really expect out of Trubisky vs. Foles.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s been a little while but the boys are back in the saddle again and talking Bears football over beverages.

First up in this episode is notable Bears opt-out Eddie Goldman and the effect his absence might have on the defense. Jeff and EJ follow it up with some talk about the now-trimmed down TE room and cap it off with what they really expect out of the Trubisky vs. Foles training camp “battle”. And as always there are some fresh beverages tried and rated.

So grab your own cold one of choice, sit back, and tune in.

Since this season will be a strange one, feel free to drop your thoughts below in the comments section about:

  • The defense without Eddie up front
  • Whether or not the Bears have the right TE’s to make the offense work, or of course...
  • Who you think will be under center, taking snaps week 1

If there is something else you’d love to hear us cover in a future episode, drop that in the comments as well.