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Chicago Bears Open the Season with an Rough-edged Performance and Late Comeback to Edge Out Wounded Lions 27 - 23

The Bears played three bad quarters and one good one. Which was enough to kick a wounded kitty while it was down!

The Bears took a knee during the anthem to show unity advocating for racial justice.

Bears football is back! Bears football is back! Bears

The Bears trolled us for three and a half quarters. Everyone who doubted them was preemptively patting themselves on the back. Everyone who believed in them experienced the kind of existential crisis that can lead you to realize your own death is inevitable and allow you to start appreciating every moment of life again.

Bears offense gets off to a start!

On the Bears first drive, they snapped the ball, handed it off and made some actual football plays on a football field. They moved the ball 9 and a half yards. Somebody should probably have told them how first downs work, but at least they got 8 more yards than the Lions first drive. Their second drive showed the offense can move the ball in chunks, but resulted in the same amount of points as the first one. Ugh.

Juan Castillo leads the running for best off-season addition

To be honest, I’m not savvy enough about O-line play to tell you whether Germain Ifedi is making a huge individual difference, but anyone looking at the stat line can tell you that the run blocking is drastically improved from what we saw in 2019. A lot goes into offensive line play, and let’s hope that this season turns out to be a case series of how similar talent can have drastically improved outcomes with some improved coaching and another year of continuity.

Montgomery gets 8 yards after tripping over Charles Leno Jr.

Groin looks good. David is definitely on a mission to break some yards after contact records and I am very supportive of his plan.

Jamie Collins Jr. is a bad kitty

It’s funny. He seemed so disciplined when he played in New England. If only there was someone from that team’s coaching tree to keep him in line. Thanks for the 15 yards for headbutting a ref, Jamie.

I want to keep rooting for Biscuit, so I’m just going to make a list of excuses for his bad throws and incomplete passes here

Mitch Trubisky looked about as comfortable stating this game as I did in my first lifetime league kickball performance this morning, but Bears are deeply invested in him so I am going to keep my hope alive by excusing any incomplete passes I see. Throwaways. Jimmy coulda caught it. He was pressured. Stupid lion was holding Robinson’s arm. Miller must have run the wrong route. He can overthrow flat-footed—what a strong arm! It hit Robinson in the hand, should have caught it. Jimmy coulda caught it if he jumped higher. Kmet coulda been in a different spot and caught it. Biscuit threw it where only Miller could catch it. That throw was just kinda, whoops? He just kinda needs that one back. That throw was just kinda, whoops? He just kinda needs that one back. That throw was just kinda, whoops? He just kinda needs that one back. That throw was just kinda, whoops? He just kinda needs that one back.

Bears defense is good, when they don’t have communication problems

Things got a little sloppy at times out there, most obviously when Kyle Fuller passed off former Bear Marvin Hall to grass and air in the 2nd quarter. Can we chalk this up to COVID? I’ve already blamed COVID for my lack of success adjusting to my new job and dismal social life, but if I can add just one thing to the list, let it be the Bears defensive sloppiness.

Welcome to the National F League, rook

Jaylon Johnson looked good overall in his first NFL start, but got trucked to the ground by Marvin Jones Jr. on a failed tackle attempt in the sound quarter. Yoiks.

TJ Hockenson might be a poor man’s Cole Kmet

He looked good in this game

John Jenkins is looking good

The bulging belly. The hefty flank. That glorious form isn’t seen enough in the hyper-athletic passing-game focused NFL of today, and I for one have been missing it.

The Bears run D, tho

Do we miss Eddie Goldman? Well, of course. But is that all it is? I mean, didn’t Adrian Peterson embarrass us enough when he was on the Vikings? To kick us while we’re down, this performance allowed him to pass Walter Payton in most rush yards in season openers of all time...#c’mon.

Robert Quinn I barely know you, but I already miss you

The Bears pass-rush wasn’t bad today, but it should be elite. Whatever combination of Mingo, Gipson, and Vaughters they’re rolling out isn’t cutting the mustard. The most notable defensive play coming opposite Khalil Mack was a gumby-like tackle-for loss from James Vaughters in the early 4th quarter.

You haven’t lived if you haven’t seen a Bears 4th and 41

That’s all.

Trubisky lighting it up in crunch time is definitely good but kinda crazy-making

He has it in him, but he can’t seem to access it unless he’s desperate. Get it together, Biscuit. Let me believe in you. I’m begging you!

Anthony Miller might want to get involved earlier

Seems things to go better once he started to SHOW UP.

I won’t lie. It was rough at times. In the end, the Lions lioned, and the Bears won.