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Leming’s Logic about the Bears’ week one win in Detroit

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It started out fun for Chicago Bears’ fans, but it quickly became all too familiar as the team seemed to stumble through the second and third quarters, but then the entire team came to life in the fourth and we got to watch an epic comeback.

We saw Chicago’s offense click and their defense tighten up with a sack and interception, all while seeing the Lions choke the game away.

For those of you on Twitter, you’re no doubt following our guy Aaron Leming to get his numerous thoughts on the Bears, but for those of you who aren’t we wanted to share them here at WCG as well.

Here’s what Aaron had to say in his Twitter thread...

1. That fourth quarter was a tale of two teams trending on two opposite directions in terms of moment/luck.

Bears had just about everything go their way, including Prater’s missed FG and Swift’s drop.

Not taking anything away from the W but man... That was a close one.

2. As I said yesterday, I really liked the offensive play calling from Matt Nagy. Obviously there are some things he’d like to have back, but the Bears failed to score TDs in the 1st half due to execution, not play calling.

3. Speaking of the offensive play calling, I loved the Bears commitment to the run and how effective they were in doing so. I counted 2 total negative runs (Robinson & Patterson).

As a team, they averaged 5.3 YPC. Much more creative run scheme too.

4. Trubisky’s game was a tale of two QBs. For the better part of 3 quarters, he was pretty dang bad. Then in the 4th quarter, he turned into a completely different QB and made some huge throws. Kinda just proves both sides points for or against him.

5. Hard to believe Anthony Miller didn’t have a catch until the 3rd quarter. While Robinson is more reliable and had his own great catch, Miller’s emergence late in the game was a huge X-factor in that win. That game winning TD was a thing of beauty from 10 and 17.

6. Defensively, the pressure just wasn’t there consistently enough. After re-watching, it was better than I originally thought, especially Mack. Despite being held a dozen times, he got to Stafford more than I thought. Need more out of that defensive front, though.

7. Speaking of defensive players that really struggled on Sunday... Danny Trevathan may have had his worst game as a Bear. He was a mess in coverage. He looked a step or two slow and almost cost them the game on that final drive. Good news? It was a common trend at linebacker on Sunday.

8. Someone who really impressed me yesterday? Rookie CB Jaylon Johnson. He was as advertised. He had two pass breakups and was tight in coverage almost all game. Stafford rarely tested him and when he did, Johnson passed. Big game from the rookie.

9. Let me just take a moment to praise Cairo Santos. Was he overly impressive yesterday? No, but he was perfect on the day (5 for 5 in total w/ FGs & XPs) and the #Bears absolutely needed that.

With a missed XP or FG, Lions could have either won or tied with a field goal on the last drive.

What are your thoughts on Aaron’s thoughts?