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Bears’ fans, you “Got Mitch?”

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The Team Mitch vs Team Foles banter that was a discussion topic all offseason should have received a small break with the Chicago Bears winning their week one game against the Detroit Lions.

After all, the W is what really matters, but this being Chicago, the play of the quarterback will always be debated.

Did Mitchell Trubisky lead a glorious fourth quarter comeback?

Was Mitch partly responsible for the three quarter deficit?

Could both of these things be true?

Regardless, Mitch is the QB1 right now for the Bears, and with match-ups against the Giants, Falcons, Colts, Buccaneers, and Panthers — five teams not necessarily known for their defense — all lined up for Chicago, we might see Mitch find a rhythm and build the confidence he needs to keep a stranglehold on the job all year long.

Our friends over at BreakingT has a brand new shirt so we can all throw our support behind Mitch, and you can get that right now!