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Allen Robinson is still waiting on a contract extension

With A-Rob purging his social media accounts of all things Bears, he’s sending a message of discontent.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Allen Robinson is under contract with the Chicago Bears through the 2020 season, and he’s set to make $15 million this year, which is the final year of the three-year deal he signed back in 2018.

According to Over The Cap, that makes his cap hit the 7th highest among all wide receivers this season.

The Bears and Robinson had every opportunity to hammer out an extension after the 2019 season ended, but for what ever reason the two sides couldn’t find a happy medium. Maybe the Bears were cautious with questions surrounding the salary cap, maybe Robinson wanted more clarity on the quarterback situation, or maybe the Bears just weren’t prepared to meet Robinson's expectations.

With him removing all mention of the Bears from his social media channels, he’s sending a message of unhappiness.

Several players getting reworked deals in the last couple weeks around the NFL has to have frustrated Robinson, who has shown all the traits of a true number one receiver, and when coupled with his off-field work and locker room leadership, he shows all the traits of a guy you never want to leave your franchise.

With the price of wide outs going up, Bears general manager Ryan Pace has no one to blame but himself that he missed the logical window to get an extension done. If he would have met Robinson's demands back in the spring, that deal likely would look tame in comparison to the ones recently inked by Amari Cooper, DeAndre Hopkins, and Keenan Allen.

Baring an injury, A-Rob is going to get his bag before 2021, and with the franchise tag in play the Bears do have some leverage, but tagging a player can often sour a relationship.

When the Bears transition tagged Kyle Fuller a few years ago, they made it abundantly clear to him that they’d match any long term offer he received, and when the Packers put in an offer the Bears quickly matched.

The Bears will need to be careful with however they decide to play this, because with a player as popular as Robinson, they need to be wary of the kind of message it would send to his teammates and to future free agents.

But ultimately money talks in the NFL and a big guarantee has a way of mending fences.

EDIT: The Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs is reporting that Robinson has “asked about a possible trade.” For those wondering, the trade deadline a year ago was the Tuesday before week 9.

EDIT 2 Electric Boogaloo: Adam Schefter Tweeted the following, “Brandon Parker, agent for Bears’ WR Allen Robinson, said he and his client have not requested a trade. However Robinson, who is in the last year of his contract, is unhappy that Chicago has been unwilling to pay him market value for wide receivers.”

Are you guys concerned with all the drama surrounding Robinson and the Bears right now?