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Bears vs Giants: Keys for a Chicago victory

The WCG staff previews the Bears vs Giants in a round table style by giving all our keys for a Chicago win.

New York Giants v Chicago Bears Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images

We asked our staffers at WCG to give us their keys for the Chicago Bears to knock off the New York Giants this Sunday, so after perusing what we have to say, be sure to give us your keys down there in the comment section.

Here’s some short and sweet keys...

“I do think Daniel Jones can be a quality NFL QB, but at this stage in his career he’s reliant on Saquon Barkley, so tighten up the run fits, maintain gap integrity, throw in a few calculated run blitzes, and make Jones beat you with his arm.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

“Dan Jones is the other, mistake-prone quarterback for once. Get two turnovers (two whole turnovers) at his expense, and the Bears win. There’s no excuse not to.” ~ Robert Zeglinski

“Generate a pass rush. Daniel Jones is still adjusting to making NFL reads and processing at a fast level. If the Bears dial up exotic blitzes or simply just win their battles up front, he could panic under pressure and make his fair share of questionable throws.” ~ Jacob Infante

“As long as Trubisky’s bad throws aren’t caught by Giants, I give the Bears a panda’s chance in a bamboo forest of feasting on a W.” ~ Patti Curl

And a few of our team expounded on their multiple phase keys for a Bears’ win...

Sam Householder:

Offense: Use the momentum from the running game last week and keep that going. Open up play action with an effective running game and it will keep the offense balanced.

Defense: Make Daniel Jones beat you. Saquon is deadly and must be contained. Don’t allow running lanes to open up and pressure Jones and he will turn it over.

Ken Mitchell:

Offense: Establish the run game, then pound the rock. Pound. The. Rock.

Defense: Limit the damage Saquan Barkley deals by whatever means necessary, up to and including bringing in Deon Bush as a heavy safety instead of an ILB. Stop Barkley, beat the Giants. It’s that simple.

Whiskey Ranger:

Offense: Take advantage of this new found o-line competence, utilize the extra time Trubisky has behind center and dial up more play action. Give your QB more open looks, keep his reads as simple as possible. He plays lights out when he doesn’t have to think, and the Giants are sure to aid in that as they should run a ton of man coverage. Oh, and keep running the ball. It was effective, and the run/pass balance vs the Lions was pretty solid through most of the game. Keep it up.

Defense: Pressure. Get in Daniel Jones’ face, force him into mistakes just like the Steelers did. They also laid out the blueprint for bottling up Saquon Barkley. Use it.

Special Teams: Continue to play mistake free ball, and don’t ask Santos to do too much.

Jack Salo

Offense: The Bears went 2-11 on third down in Week 1. It seems pretty obvious that needs to be improved. Stay balanced, the Steelers threw the ball 32 times and ran it 30 times against the Giants in week 1, and the Giants defense played reactive instead of proactive because of it.


Defense: Daniel Jones can be his own worst enemy, making ill-advised passes when he’s not under extreme pressure. Let your defensive backs cover downfield and Jones will either throw up a gift or you’ll get a “coverage sack.”

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

Offense: maintain balance and don’t try too much with the passing game. Matt Nagy did an excellent job of keeping Detroit’s defense honest for a majority of their week one win. Now, the coaching staff needs to continue riding the hot hands between their running game and a comfortable Mitchell Trubisky. Entrust David Montgomery to wear out the Giants’ defense, and then use quick-hitting plays on moving pockets to fire rockets downfield for big plays.

*BONUS* Extend Allen Robinson. Just do it.

Defense: play disciplined football within the tackle box. Yes, Saquan Barkley and the New York Giants’ run game was stuck in neutral the whole time on Monday Night. There’s zero room to be careless, though, maintain gap integrity and attack downhill. Oh, and it’s a prime opportunity to get the pass rush going, too. The Giants’ O-Line stood no chance against the Steelers, and the Bears have comparable talent all across their front seven.

Special Teams: unleash Cordarrelle Patterson and Tarik Cohen in the return game. I would like to see Cohen in particular be a bit more aggressive when he has the chance to field punts.

What do you think the Bears need to do to pull out the W this week?