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Fantasy Forum Week 2: Draft Day Regrets

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Missing out on Lamar shares stinks
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If you’re like me, you have some instant regrets from your draft when the dust settles on Week 1. It happens every year. I don’t have any Lamar Jackson shares and I’m hating it already. How could I have missed out on THAT guy?! It’s so obvious. Why did I take Michael Thomas over Clyde Edwards-Helaire? Of course, Thomas was going to sprain his ankle and miss a few games! Duh!

Okay, let’s all just pump the brakes. It’s a long season and a lot can happen. One thing I noticed from the early results was just how much an abbreviated preseason hurt some of the rookies. The Lions leaned on Adrian Peterson way more than I would’ve predicted, but I can’t imagine he’ll retain that share of the carries moving forward. Similarly, I think it’s only a matter of time before we talk about JK Dobbins as a viable RB2 play in that Ravens offense. He scored a couple of times in the opener and I think he could be an incredibly valuable piece down the line as the Ravens just steamroll their way through the AFC North. He might score 100 points against the Bengals when he draws them.

Speaking of the Bengals, I thought Burrow looked pretty dang decent last night. Under constant pressure, he distributed the ball to a lot of different wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends. I think he’s going to be good if the Bengals spend next off-season focusing on offensive line play. Please don’t ruin him, Cinci. He’s too much fun.

I’ve mentioned this on Twitter, but I have a 2-QB league where it’s smart to roster three. I have Matt Ryan, Joe Burrow, and Gardner Minshew II. Ryan is the boring, bankable vet who put up great numbers in the opener. The younger guys could be slinging the ball all year trying to bring their teams back, which in the fantasy game is all we need sometimes. Minshew, however, actually won the opener against the heavily favored and preseason darling Colts. I’m sure the Jaguars brass was sending smile/cry emojis to each other because they DO NOT want to win this year. If Minshew plays them out of the top of the draft, I will laugh so hard. He’s not the most physically gifted thrower but from the neck up, he’s playing like an old vet. Throwing 8.6 million passes in college has its advantages.

Who stood out to you in Week 1? What are you looking for in Week 2? What is your early draft regret?

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