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Bears Overcome a Few Bumbling Bounces to Make What Should Have Been a Definitive Win Into a Nailbiter 17-13 “Victory” Over New York Football “Giants”

The Bears start strong and finish extremely weak in an uninspired victory vs the Giants.

NFL: SEP 20 Giants at Bears
This one goes to #11

The Chicago Bears had their first home game today, and they showed up with quite a bit to prove after barely winning to the loveable-loser Lions last Sunday. They showed up early, converting multiple third downs and finishing in a tuddy on their first offensive drive, then holding the New York Football Giants to a giant goose egg in the first half. Unfortunately, they came out in the second half overconfident and not aggressive enough, and the Giants made a sizeable comeback that the Bears had no business allowing. These Bears keep finding new ways to make it hard to just enjoy a win.

About those 3rd downs...

The Bears week one failure to convert 3rd downs might prove to be a blessing in disguise, because whatever self-scouting and new plans that inspired seems to have turned a weakness into a strength. Knock on wood.

Welcome to Chicago, Robert Quinn

Just one of those strip-sacks every week, and you’ll be a fan favorite in no time.

Cole and the football have finally Kmet

2nd-round rookie and first Bears pick caught his first pass today. Who’s a good bear?

This one goes to 11

Yes, that’s a clever reference to the Spinal Tap movie and the touchdown throw to #11, rookie Darnell Mooney. This Bear, despite being a 5th round pick, has already surpassed veteran Ted “Theodore” Ginn, Jr. on the depth chart and is showing tremendous promise as a speed-threat with brisk routes and good paws. I’m expecting great things from this rook. Full disclosure: I may have stole the spinal tap joke from EJ Snyder.

With less highlights but more consistency, Biscuit delivers an overall more satisfying performance than week one

Don’t get me wrong. I love to see a three touchdown 4th quarter comeback to break Lion heart’s everywhere. But even with INT(s), Trubisky was more consistently on target and on point with his decision-making in his game. I left last week feeling about as nervous about Trubisky’s prospects as I started it. Which was about a 6 (out of 7) on the nervousness scale. He quite obviously wasn’t perfect, but this game has actually calmed my nerves a little. Now they are about a 5 (out of 6).

Anthony Miller’s down game will hopefully lead to a monster bounce back

Miller had two balls uncharacteristically fall from his paws today. They weren’t gimme catches, but they were catches I have come to expect Miller to pull in. After a legitimate superstar performance week one, I’m not worried.

The Giants, like most teams, can move the ball against a prevent defense

I’m not interested in seeing the Bears give up the short/intermediate field for free until the 4th and definitely not when they are only up by 14 points.

Ok, that 2nd interception was silly, though

If it had been a Bear intercepting it, it would have been an amazing play. Since it was a Giant, it was clearly just stupid, fluky, and super whatevs.

Khalil Mack Sack Attack

It’s a beautiful thing watching Mack throw a quarterback to the ground like he’s discarding the weinerless bun-stub at the end of a hotdog.

Umm, don’t see how that’s not offensive pass interference on Eddie Jackson’s pick six

That Giant was completely in Eddie’s way from catching the ball, forcing Eddie to knock into him on the way to plucking his illegitamately-revoked tuddy. All I know is that would never have been called as DPI in my flag football league. Otherwise, Jackson played a solid game all around. Obviously, no surprise there.

Dat David Montgomery, tho

Remember when he got flipped on his head in the first half and we were worried he was going to be paralyzed or at least out of the game? It took him about 45 seconds to come back from that and return stronger then ever. This Bear has so much relentless tackle-breaking intensity and I pity everyone who doubted him after his rookie season.

Offensive linemen go to bed dreaming of the opportunity to make a 4th-down saving catch on a tipped ball

But Bobby Massie was wide awake and alert as anyone on the field when he pulled in his first career reception. What a beautiful #Bears moment.

A lot of things I wanted to see happened today. Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn both got sacks. The Bears offense converted third downs well. And Staley Da Bear rocked a facemask like no other. But please, Bears, can we just see a complete game where you show me what I believe you can do from start to finish???