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John “Moon” Mullin: Sayers is the greatest pure runner in NFL history

John “Moon” Mullin talks Gale Sayers on our latest Bears Banter Podcast

Gale Sayers - Chicago Bears - File Photos Photo by Nate Fine/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The Chicago Bears lost one of their all-time greats this week, and we mourn the loss of Gale Sayers. John “Moon” Mullin, award wining journalist who has covered the Bears for around thirty years, joins us to discuss Sayers’ fabulous career.

Mullin discuses who Sayers was as a person, calling him a “gentleman and a gentle man.” Moon also talked about Sayers the player and that he was a more dynamic runner than even Barry Sanders, how he was the type of player that could plan in the modern NFL, and he thinks if Sayers stayed healthy, he’d be in the same breath as Jim Brown and Walter Payton. Of course, he also discussed the special relationship between Sayers and Brian Piccolo.

Mullin also discussed the 2020 Bears and gave his thought on Mitchell Trubisky and where his ceiling is (hint: he might be at it) and Mullin’s surprising concerns about the Bears’ defense.

Check out a great podcast featuring John “Moon” Mullin featured below!