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Introducing Rule of 3!

We’re officially debuting a new show on our WCG Podcast channel! Check out the newest episode of the Rule of 3!

New York Giants v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We’ve got a new show to debut for you! Our own Robert Schmitz has teamed up with Xs and Os specialists Danny Meehan and Brandon Robinson to bring you a new take on reviewing the week’s Bears’ game. You likely already know Robert from his work on Bear With Me, but here’s a bit more about Danny and Brandon to get you acquainted with Robert’s new partners:

Danny Meehan is 1/3 of the Rule of 3 Podcast on WCG, an All-22 Film addict, a Football/Basketball Coach, the Madden Exec of the Year (every year), a recovering powerlifter and possibly the greatest story never told.

Brandon Robinson is a Rule of 3 podcast co-host on WCG, a Football coach, a Tape grinder, a Draftnik, and of course a football junkie.

The show is a great way to assess the good and the bad from the Bears’ recent game against the Atlanta Falcons as well as a lot of fun to listen to — check out the show and let the guys know what you think!

Now that Brandon and Danny are joining our Podcast team, your subscription to the WCG Podcast Channel will get you five* distinctly unique Bears’ shows.

  1. Bear With Me hosted by Robert Schmitz
  2. Bears Over Beers hosted by Jeff Berckes and EJ Snyder
  3. Bears Banter hosted by Bill Zimmerman
  4. Rule of 3 hosted by Robert Schmitz, Danny Meehan, and Brandon Robinson
  5. T Formation Conversation hosted by Lester A, Wiltfong Jr.

* Plus the occasional Bears-centric hit will publish on our channel from the SB Nation NFL Show that airs all week long.

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