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Bears Over Beers: Annual Betting Extravaganza

Jeff, EJ, and Sam go head-to-head to try and pick the perfect combo of overs, unders, and division winners

Goodwood Races Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

The NFL season is almost upon us and that can mean only one thing: the Bears Over Bears betting spectacular is here!

Each of the guys is tasked with picking 3 teams to beat the their over mark, 3 teams to slide in lower than their under mark, 3 outright division winners and the cherry on top is a pick for the Super Bowl winner. 10 total picks to crown a champion at the end of the season. Listen up as EJ tries to defend his incredibly unlikely season title from 2019:

Just for everyone keeping score at home here’s the summary of how this year’s picks shook out:


Overs - Panthers 5.5, Bears 8, Seahawks 9

Unders - Bills 9, Rams 8, Steelers 9.5

Divisions - Chiefs -350, 49ers +105, Bucs +145

SB - Chiefs +600


Overs - Cardinals 7.5, Broncos 8, Dolphins 6

Unders - Jets 7, Chargers 7.5, Giants 6.5

Division - Pats +145, Titans +175, Cardinals +600

SB - Titans +4000


Overs - Bills 9, Titans 8.5, Bengals 5.5

Unders - Packers 9, Colts 9, 49ers 10.5

Division - Bears +400, Seahawks +205, Eagles +145

SB - Ravens +650

Drop into the comments section and tell us where you think we are dead on, where you think we might have chance, and of course, where you think we’re completely off our rockers.