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Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

If you’ve been listening to Chicago sports radio, perusing internet message boards, or scrolling through social media, then you’ve no doubt come across Chicago Bears’ fans that are actively rooting for Mitchell Trubisky to fail.

Some because they really, really, really, want to prove how right they were when they said Mitch was bad, while others are just super-duper pro-Nick Foles, and others simply don’t believe Trubisky is the best quarterback for the job and they want him to screw up so the team can get on with finding their next QB of the future.

Everyone is entitled to fan how ever they want, but I just find it puzzling that any Bears’ fan would want to see anyone on their favorite team play badly.

If Trubisky was the kind of guy that was in constantly trouble with the authorities, or had a substance abuse problem, or was just a dick, then I could see fans wanting him to fail, but by all accounts Trubisky is a great guy and a great teammate.

Now I understand that those two things have absolutely nothing to do with quarterbacking at the NFL level, but if anyone could come back from that regressed 2019, it’s Mitchell Trubisky.

On Sunday his head coach came out in support of him winning the job, and yesterday his general manager had more kind words to say, and then earlier today a few of his offensive teammates met the media and chimed in as well.

“Mitch earned that job,” starting right tackle Bobby Massie said. “No matter who would have won it we would have been ready to block for them, but he went out and got it.”

Number one wide out Allen Robinson added, “To see him start is not surprising, when you put in the work you get the results.”

Trubisky organized several practices this offseason with teammates, including Robinson. He also put in plenty of time getting his shoulder and body right at the SPEAR Training Center, plus he worked out with private quarterback coach Jeff Christensen who has worked with a number of pro QBs.

Wide out Anthony Miller, who seemed to be out of sync with Mitch in 2019, is also on board with his number one quarterback. “With Trubisky being the starter, we’ve been getting better,” Miller said earlier today after practice. “I’ve been seeing changes in him that I haven’t seen before. I’m just eager to get into the season and face the Lions.”

When asked on some specifics, Miller added, “His footwork getting quicker, a little better decision making. Things like that.”

The Bears open up on Sunday in Detroit — against a team that Trubisky has had some success against — so we may need to wait a few weeks to see if his command of the offense and pocket presence has truly improved, but for now the team is squarely behind their quarterback.