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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Saints

The season is over and so we look back one final time at the game and see who ended going up and who is headed down

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

As of this writing there hasn’t been any leaks or word about changes coming to the Chicago Bears organization or even the coaching staff.

I get everyone’s frustration with that, especially after that playoff performance, but did any of us actually think that the Bears deserved to be in the playoffs or could actually hold a candle to the New Orleans Saints?

That game went exactly how we should have expected it.

It’s still maddening though and I can’t blame anyone that wants to see Matt Nagy and/or Ryan Pace jettisoned out of Chicago on the next Metra train west.

But at the same time I can understand some of the arguments to keep one or both of them.

Two playoff berths in three years has been a rarity around here, even going back to the Lovie days. And a coaching with a winning record is always tough to let go.

And for every Pace whiff, I could probably name a free agent he signed or a pick he made that was good.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I also concede that the Bears bring everything back from Sunday and think they’re going to get better. There have to be some changes.

I’m struggling to come up with three “up” players. That’s not good. I can’t think of many players that got better this year. That’s not god either.

Stock up

Allen Robinson II - If this was indeed A-Rob’s final game in a Bears uniform, I think we all owe him a good send-off. Robinson has been the Bears’ offensive MVP this year and their best receiver for each of his three seasons in Chicago. 255 catches for 3,151 yards and 17 touchdowns. I still hope that they can work out a long term extension, but I know that this was probably it and we’re going back to the receiver dark ages.

Duke Shelley - I’ve been critical of Shelley but I think he has improved over the last three games. I think he may be able to compete for the starting nickel spot this summer. He had one pass defensed and one tackle Sunday, which isn’t much, but I still think he’s getting better.

Tashaun Gipson - I hate to say this but Gipson was the best safety on the field Sunday. He’s another guy who likely just played his final game in Chicago, but I think that he deserves praise for having a good game in the playoffs. One sack and forced fumble, a PD and eight tackles. He nearly had a pick too.

Stock down

Javon Wims - I mean, do I really need to explain beyond the drop? It was egregious, it set the offense back and I think it really deflated what little life the offense had.

Eddie Jackson - Jackson had a down year and who knows why? Teams are avoiding him sure and I don’t think that Chuck Pagano did enough to scheme in to a position to make plays either. But he didn’t do great on Sunday; missing tackles and then that awful offsides penalty on a fourth down. Unacceptable.

Anthony Miller - How, in a game where you know you’re going to get more looks than you have almost all year because the guy ahead of you is out, does a player manage to get ejected from a game? Especially when it’s for getting into it with a player who the coaches warned you all week was going to cause issues. I am over Miller’s potential. Maybe he’ll end up having a good career with a change of scenery but I am over him in Chicago.

Who did I miss? Who would you have had up or down?