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What is your take from the Bears press conference?

We had some of the WCG staff weigh in on their thoughts after today’s Bears presser.

Chicago Bears Introduce Matt Nagy Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Now that the Chicago Bears Zoomed us all in on the latest adventures of George McCaskey, Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace, and Matt Nagy, we wanted to share some of our thoughts on the show with you guys, but we also want you guys to share your thoughts about it with us as well.

Make sure you check out Bill Zimmerman’s latest Bears Banter podcast for his feelings on what we saw today (seriously, it’s fire), but here’s some of what our other staffers had to say.

Sam Householder:

They took the easy way out. The status quo is OK with this regime and they’re basically telling you 2021 is a lost year. Everyone is already a lame duck, the bar is low, it’s setting up for a disappointing, letdown of a year, 5-12 or 6-11 (assuming they’re moving forward with 17 games, right?) and then yet another reboot. They kicked the can down the road for one more year, for who knows what reason.

Ted Philips said it all with his quote: “Have we gotten the quarterback situation right? No. Have we won enough games? No. But everything else is there.” That’s the bar. Not wins, not bad drafting, but “culture.” So as long as the attitude and collaboration are solid, nothing else matters apparently. The NFL is a bottom line business everywhere except Lake Forest, Illinois.

Will Robinson II:

The only thing I learned from this press conference, is how long I’ll sit and listen to people say absolutely nothing. This whole “being a fan” thing feels pretty dumb some times. And coming from a grown man who’s about to use thousands of dollars of computer equipment to draw a cartoon, that should say something.

Robert Zeglinski:

The people who own the Bears are out of touch, out of their depths entirely, and have no business even close to a threshold of the “culture” and “collaboration” they espouse about to deaf ears.

But hey: Every national Bears game breaks viewership records and they make their profits, regardless. They don’t need to be the best.

They don’t need to satiate the needs of the people so deeply invested in their on-field product because the message given to them by their fans is that it suffices. What incentive do they have to change anything about their structure or be genuinely self-reflective?

Ken Mitchell:

I listened to the entire press conference, and while all we heard from the four Bears leaders was “blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda” I have to give some props to the Chicago Bears press corps.

I’m pretty hard on these people, because they don’t generally ask hard questions. Today was different, they were throwing haymakers left and right and trying to either pin people down or make it obvious that the Bears management team were just evading questions. So props to the press today.

Patti Curl:

When Ryan Pace is talking, I get sucked into nodding along and feeling like what he says makes sense. Then I slowly realize he didn’t say anything. I’m probably telling on myself by admitting its a slow process every time.

At the end of the day, Ryan Pace is the guy in your fantasy league who pays 20% of his faab to get his guy when the next bid is 5%. That guy sometimes turns out to be great, but his misses cost too much.

Here’s too hoping he’s learned so much from his mistakes that he stops missing!

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

I shared some of my thoughts earlier today here at WCG and also on my Twitter, but that press conference was a complete joke. Kudos to the beat reporters for asking some tough questions, but there wasn’t anything of substance coming from the four Bears speaking. We learned that the team values the culture they currently have, even though that culture doesn’t equate to wins. We learned that McCaskey and Phillips put wins and losses aside when evaluating the franchise, and that they truly believe that Pace and Nagy will get the quarterback spot figured out this offseason. They preached accountability, but who’s accountable for two straight disappointing seasons.

I truly hope I’m wrong, and Chicago’s brain trust will finally figure out the right recipe for success, but I can see a scenario where Pace does everything he can (spending frivolously on free agents, moving money to the future, trading future draft picks) to go all-in on the 2021 season only to end up around .500 again.

Now it’s your turn.

You had some time to digest all the crap we were shoveled today, so what’s your take on the future of the Chicago Bears?

For those interested, I’ll be jumping on the Halatek Hall show at 6:30 to talk some Bears. You can check it out in the embed below.