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One Stop Shop - This Is Fine.

This animated GIF is my gift to a frustrated Chicago Bears Fan Base. Use it wisely my friends.

My hand hurts. You’re welcome.

We all saw the post season press conferences put on by Chicago Bears brass George McCaskey and Ted Phillips, announcing that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy (who chimed in after) would keep their jobs. It was the finest example of 4 grown men not answering questions, and being completely out of touch with reality that I’ve seen in my life. We also all saw the season that proceeded it, and the 30 or so that proceeded that. It’s safe to say, that this fan base is frustrated. I know I am.

So, after wasting an hour and a half of my life watching said press conference, my frustration needed some place to go. Since I swore off alcohol poisoning, I decided to put pen to screen and hand draw, frame by frame, my frustrations. Because above all else, the message I got from Bears Brass was...

This Is Fine.

This took longer than I had expected. I figured “Hey, I only need maybe 20 frames, this should be easy!”. Welp, as it turns out, hand drawn frame by frame animation, even when based on something else, not as easy as it sounds. Who knew. Also, for anyone unfamiliar with this particular meme, just google: “this is fine”. You’ll get it. I have faith in you.

I’ll see about getting this to be searchable on twitter and what not, so that venting your frustration with this organization is as convenient as possible. (Edit: it is now searchable on twitter! Just search “this is fine bears” and it’ll come right up!)

Here’s a smaller version, for anyone who might need that:

Bear down everyone, and remember, we’re all in this together.

Will Robinson II is a freelance graphic artist/content creator, an avid Bears fan and apparently speaks in the third person. You can follow him on Twitter @WhiskeyRanger29, and check him out on Youtube at WhiskeyRanger.