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“‘85: The Greatest Team In Football History” will air on Marquee Sports Network tonight!

Today is the 35th anniversary of the greatest team in Chicago sports history winning their last championship.

SUPER BOWL XX - Chicago Bears v New England Patriots

While the Chicago Bears have a lengthy championship legacy in the NFL — with the second most titles in league history (9) and the second most league championship game appearances all-time (19) — we’ve only seen one Super Bowl champion.

That 1985 team has been argued to be the greatest team ever, but it’s been a blessing and a curse for those of us that were around to seem them play. I have the same frustrations as many fans that we haven’t cheered for another Super Bowl champion in 35 years, but I also understand that team’s place in history.

’85: The Greatest Team In Football History” the quintessential documentary about the Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears will air on January 26, 2021, the 35th anniversary of Super Bowl XX, on the Marquee Sports Network at 8:30 pm cst and again on February 7 at 9:00am cst and 9pm cst.

One champion in the Super Bowl era is more than several teams can claim, but Chicago’s drought has been a drain on the fandom.

Chicago is, and always will be, a football town, and we’re desperately longing for another winner to cheer for.

Recent documentaries celebrating the exploits of former Bulls teams have found themselves as “must-see” footage for any Chicago sports fan. “85: The Greatest Team In Football History”, directed by Scott Prestin, with interviews of Barack Obama, Bill Murray, and several Bears’ greats is something every Chicago fan needs to see.

I appreciate the historical significance of the SBXX champs, and will be tuning in tonight to check out this documentary.