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Culture, Collaboration, and Conviction

A lyrical interpretation of how Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy convinced George McCaskey to keep their jobs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Culture, Collaboration, and Conviction


Cloistered in Halas Hall, perched on cushy chairs

The topic: the future of the Chicago Bears

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

George McCaskey will hear the case


“What they say is true, we haven’t won enough games

They’re calling for heads, but I don’t want to name names

As Chairman of the Board I’m held responsible

Please, convince me these problems are solvable”


Impeccably dressed in suit and tie

Deciding what excuses this guy will buy

Ryan Pace knows what words he’ll try

And looks George square in the eye


“I am the model of a modern manager general

Everything I do makes this team a contender perennial

Don’t get distracted by what’s in the your peripheral

And dismiss our success as merely ephemeral


Gentlemen, we have what all teams desire

Something that all franchises admire

There’s no need to perspire

Or get caught in the crossfire


This Culture is a rare item that has no price

A golden goose we cannot sacrifice

What we have built makes others jealous

Don’t listen to the cries of the overzealous


Now, I hear stories from many in this station

Struggle with the basics of Collaboration

We in this room are on the same page

We must stick together, not disengage


Working together prevents contradiction

Greasing the wheels to reduce friction

Giving room to grow without restriction

Allowing us to work with Conviction


Jaylon looks great, don’t worry about the shoulder

Cole Kmet heated up as the weather got colder

Darnell Mooney, I told you he was fast

The rookie receiving record he amassed


Culture, Collaboration, and Conviction

Will lead us to fulfill this prediction:


We need one more year to put in place

The perfect roster to win this race

One year more to write the story

One year more to bring us glory”


He looked at his boss’s face, hoping it inspired

But would settle for just not getting fired

Steely eyes stared back, adding to the suspense

So his head coach took the baton for the defense


“Hear, Hear, I must second that notion

We have to view this without emotion

We just need to add a real quarterback

Deshaun Watson, Zach Wilson, or even Dak


I didn’t come here to run the I-Formation

That path leads to a permanent vacation

We must stop this quarterback rotation

And reopen Club Dub for celebration


The future of the Bears is bright

This offense is about to take flight

No, we haven’t got the QB right

But everything else is there for the fight”


The Chairman, inclined to believe his friends

Knew he couldn’t stomach a front office cleanse

So he devised a plan to showoff this unity

For the benefit of the Bears beat writer community


“We must stick together with our message

So they won’t focus on this season’s wreckage

Football teams are always talking about their cultures

There’s no way they question that, the vultures


I’ll lead the way and make sure we’re all there

Including my best friend, that lovable Teddy bear

Remember to keep all of your points in the abstract

And whatever you do, don’t talk about your contract”


As our tale draws to an end

These truths we comprehend:


Ryan Pace will overspend

Nagy’s scheme will not bend

In August we will all pretend

That this Bears team will contend