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WCG Sunday Livestream: Week 17 - Bears Vs Packers

From 5-1 to a 6 game losing streak to the cusp of the playoffs.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Win, and in.

It’s been a mess of a season, from a hot start where the Bears stacked five wins, to a six-game losing streak that had a number of fans pining for new ownership, front offices and coaching, to now being a win against the Packers (or a couple other scenarios) from making the playoffs.

The Bears’ recent offensive surge against subpar defenses held true against another subpar defense in the Jaguars. And for a third consecutive week, the Bears did what they haven’t been able to do consistently - show up and execute against a subpar defense.

Things do get harder, as the defenses (and teams in general) get stronger than the Lions, Texans, Jaguars and Vikings going towards and into the playoffs. But prior to the second Lions game, 25 points seemed like nothing short of an offensive explosion, and now the Bears have scored 30 points in 4 straight games for the first time since the ‘60s. If the Bears can make the half-the-field, out-of-the-pocket Mitch Trubisky and David Montgomery offense produce some halfway consistent offense, maybe they can make it in and make a little noise.

If the Bears beat the Packers, they’re in the playoffs. If the Cardinals lose to the Rams, they’re in the playoffs. If the Cardinals and Bears both win, the Rams are out and the Bears are the 6th seed.

The Navy and Orange versus the Packers in Week 17, with the chance to lock up a playoff spot on the line.

Sounds fun. Let’s do it.

Bear Down, my friends.

The WCG Sunday Livestream has some thoughts on the playoff structure that allows the Bears a great chance at still making the playoffs. But that doesn’t make the Bears’ very real chances any less real.

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