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Bears rise towards the challenge of a crucial rivalry matchup... fall short

It was the biggest game of the Bears season. They played hard. They didn’t win.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears
Bears left too many Packers open to beat an MVP QB.

The Bears are poised to tread water in the murky lagoon of mediocrity as much as any other team in the NFL, but they’ve also made the playoffs. I’ll say that adds up to a win. Our Beloved played hard against (trigger warning) one of the best teams in the league missing some key defenders. Sure they gave up touchdowns on the Packers first three drives, which is not what you want to see from the Bears defense. Part of me is happy that the Bears were able to put a competitive product on the field, but most of me wants to cry into an oversized teddy bear until my lacrimal glands shrivel up.

Well that’s one way to start a football game...

I’ll admit it. Both “you’ve got to be kidding me” and “what the hell is Cordarrelle Patterson thinking” ran through my head as Cordarelle Patterson outsmarted us all to get the ball set up on the 40. Smart bear.

Bears are getting tricky with their faux bad handoffs

Clearly trying to look incompetent in an effort to take advantage of the Packers tendency to underrate the Bears. Very smart and good acting. It really looked like Trubisky and Montgomery ran into each by accident on their second exchange.

David Montgomery looked great in run of the season!>?!?!!?!?!!

@%2#%9%!*9@. I was just about to sing his praises about how on his first drive he always already outperforming Derrick Henry against the same defense.

Update: he’s back and better than ever. He doesn’t have the nickname “bounce back bear” for nothing.

First drive 4th down conversion

Bears aren’t here to play games. They’re hear to!

Trubisky even going full “method actor” selling the incompetent thing

His fourth down throw to Anthony Miller legitimately looked like it was wobbling.

Dear Aaron Rodgers, if you’re going to wear a turtleneck, just wear a turtleneck

Don’t half-ass that kind of fashion statement. It shows uncertainty and frankly poor leadership.

Now Roquan!?!?!??

Please let this be like David Montgomery’s injury that made him stronger or his injury last week where he came right back. We need that Bear.

Was super dumb for the Packers to go for it on 4th

Trying to copy the Bears. Got lucky with a silly penalty just because Duke Shelly tugged on Davante Adams arm with both hands.

Bears finally get a chunk pay... off Pat O’Donnells foot

Great forced fumble from Demetrius Harris and 4 Bears swarmed to the ball. Terrific special teams play to keep their second drive alive.

I’ll admit it, Danny Trevathan on Marquez Valdez-Scalding is a mismatch

Roquan could have kept up with him.

Cole Kmet needs to put both paws on the ball

Rookie lesson time. Not the ideal game to learn that one.

Packers looking mighty open this afternoon

The Bears are down a few good coverage players in Jaylon Johnson, yes Buster Skrine, and of course Roquan Smith’s absence showed up mightily with two touchdowns into linebacker’s coverage.

Throwing the ball to David Montgomery in 2 minute drill seems to work

Obviously, the defense was playing soft, but it was still fun to watch as the Bears stomped there way down the field into Biscuit red-zone interception field goal territory.

Can we at least get an incompletion, Aaron? #C’mon

Oh nevermind, MVS handed us one. Thanks boo boo.

Khalil Mack Sack Attack

Hicks flushed Rodgers out of the pocket and into Mack’s welcoming arms. I’ll never get sick of that.

Moon Bear RAC Attack

That lil rookie can scoot with the ball in his hands. Except the one deep ball that he caught, which may have been slightly underthrown and on the wrong side of him.

Update: a bad Packer ran into his head in the 4th quarter. I am worried for him and very upset.

Both hands, Barkevious Mingo, both hands

You should have hauled that INT in. Starting to wonder if he was worth the 1st round pick...

Sam Mustipher-got he was a UDFA

Because he was moving Packers all over the place today. One of the bright spots of our offensive line injuries this season was getting to see what we have at the bottom of the depth chart, and both Mustipher and Bars have exceeded expectations.

Fourth down conversions 4 of 4 4 of why didn’t we just kick a field goal?

When it’s 4th and INCHES do we really need to do a bootleg? The Bears were testing their luck at this point. They failed the test.

Bear defense needs to borrow Darnell Mooney’s jugs machine

A lotta balls falling through paws.

You can call it garbage time...

But that Allen Robinson catch in the final minute was divine. Make that man a bear for life or face my tears.

The Cardinals collapse and Rams decent performance has gifted the Bears a playoff opportunity that they arguably don’t deserve. But I’ll try to believe if this defense can get right and the offense can stay mediocre plus, they can pull something out of the tails? Maybe?

Either way, I’m glad for another week of Bears football.