To the Chicago Bears, Especially Pace, 1st rounders are worthless 2nd-5th rounders are gold

Chicago Bears last 11 First Round Picks

05- Cedric Benson- Bust in Chicago, did fine with change of scenery suprisingly

07- Greg Olsen- Did fine in Chicago, excelled in Change of Scenery

08- Chris Williams- who?

09/10- The bears were the last team to trade 2 1's for a 25 year Old QB Pro-Bowler

11- Gabe Carimi- Never lasted

12- Shea McClellin- They picked him with Chandler Jones on the board (laughable)

13- Kyle Long- Cool guy, one or two good years, was old didn't last in league

14- Kyle Fuller- Great Pick, though he struggled for year before coming into his own

15- Kevin White- a LOL pick, but may be one of the worst first rounds in draft history, in terms of impact, lots of pro-bowlers but many with spotty years

16- Floyd- Disappointment in Chicago, excelled in LA...Maybe coaching? or maybe he was on one year deal and finally added weight

17- Trubisky- A top notch Backup QB picked in front of two first ballot hall of famers

18- Roquan Smith- GOOD, BUT he didn't show up for training camp and has missed the end of the last two years, hopefully he doesn't turn into a Kyle Long

19-20 Khalil Mack Trade (which was worth it 100%) If not ruined by poor coaching and QB play

21- The best option No Pick

22- The best option No Pick

23- The best option No Pick

The bears have turned in this time span 2nd-5th round gold

Whitehair, Mooney, Jackson, Cohen, Nichols, Roy Robertson Harris, (Daniels tbd), Houston Carson (great special teamer), Jaylen Johnson, Montgomery coming into his own

so if they release 3 1's and no 2' and get maybe a 2 and 4 in return is it really a loss? Clearly they have picked BPA the later rounds and turned out well.....Just saying, 1's in Chicago are clearly not worth much and they tend to pick BPA later down in draft and target playmakers which are naturally cheaper on the cap to allow for proven vets at other positions.

So letter to Ryan Pace, get your QB 3 1's a 3 this year and Eddie Goldman may be worth it. Consider Casserio knows the loss of DJ Reader proved horrific for their run D. Watson at the very least is worth 2 high 1's and most likely the 1's in the next 2 years after this one are going to be higher in the mid 20's to early 30's so IMO worth the risk. Draft later, draft cheaper, draft better.


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