Sweet Sweet Revenge

No more. Rodgers reign of terror is over. Justin Fields has taken the crown of NFC North king and will knock down the cheese heads and send em to the burning hells they belong. We finally have the quarterback of the future, a guiding offensive savant (Laser Bill), 2 top ten receivers, dominators in the trenches, the two BEST edge rushers in the league, a top 3 inside linebacker, and one of most talented potential laden secondary in NFL history. The stars are alligning for the Bears, leaving our title window open for a decade of pushing the Pack around.

My opinions have been controversial in the past, because apparently having faith in my team is some sort of sin. Last year I predicted the Bears would make the playoffs after we barely lost to the Packers the first time (with the help of some questionable refs) and was subsequently shouted down. I fully expect the Packers fans masquerading on this site as Bears pessimists to say I'm crazy, but really I think they're afraid. I think Packers fans know just how weak their little team is this year, and how much worse its going to get for the next decade. If this prediction is wrong, I'll jump into Lake Michigan Monday morning and post a video of it.

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