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Bears start out strong against Packers, then the rest of the game happens

The Bears put the Packers on notice early, scoring on their first drive and stopping the Packers on their first two. Then the Bears clarified that they would let the Packers off with just a notice.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Dats a Mack sack.

Call me foolish, but I always get excited for Packers week. Not because I’m foolish enough to believe the Bears will win, just that I’m foolish enough to hope the Chicago Bears will win. And when it happens, beating the Packers feels like a playoff win. So yeah, I let myself get excited. I got a lot more excited when the Bears stopped the Packers on their first drive, and then I got gut-churningly nervous after the Bears scored first. Luckily, the hope fizzled quickly enough that my stomach settled and I sank into the comfort of darkness.

Box score

Khalil Mack sets the tone

The Packers first drive started in classic annoying fashion, but on a third down in field goal range, Khalil Mack split his double time and ran straight a Rodgers who wisely flopped himself on the ground with barely a shove needed from the Bear. For once, I’ll admit that Rodgers made a wise decision.

Tricksy Hicksy

Akiem Hicks has been hiding on the sidelines the last couple weeks, reassuring the Packers and disappointing Bears fans with continued appearances on the injury report, to the point I was convinced he wouldn’t play. That tricky bear was in the backfield smoshing the joy out of Packers fandom faster than I could say, “wait, that’s not Bilal Nichols.”

Khalil Herbert, I see you

He started off with an 8 yard run and followed up with a very important fumble recovery on a botched snap. He then obviously finished the first drive with a well-blocked touchdown run. He went on to carry the load and carry it all day long for a glorious performance. That Bear has won me over more than any in the last two weeks with his thick thighs and winning spirit.

After two Packers drives, Aaron Rodgers has as many completions as he does sacks


Aaron Rodgers had as many net 1st quarter passing yards as he does super bowl appearances

One. Hahahahahaha.

You’d think the refs in a Packers game would be aware of the concept of a free play when the defense is in the neutral zone at the snap

I assumed they are coached to look for that and clap their hands in unison whenever Aaron Rodgers gets one. The were clearly sleeping at the wheel when two Packers jumped early on Justin Fields “interception.” Justin Fields obviously saw it which is why he took a chance on a deep shot he thought was a free play. For any Packers fans who try to point out that the defense didn’t cross the line of scrimmage, it’s still a penalty to be within 6” of the line of scrimmage, it’s called a neutral zone infraction and it’s a great day for you because you learned something new!

Mario Edwards Jr. may just unsportsmanlike penalty his way off this team

He’s a good rotational defense end, but the Bears have a lot of good defensive ends. He’s had at least three unsportsmanlike penalties in the last two games. I don’t care how good you are. You don’t add value when your best plays lead to 1st days for the other time. Everyone hates the new taunting rules. This might end up being the first example of them leading to a man losing his job.

Jakeem Grant seems determined to prove his worth

His first punt return should have been fair caught. There was a Packer right next to him who I think might have assumed Grant called for a fair catch. But Grant isn’t here to take what’s given to him. He’s here to take more. This time he ran backwards before turning the corner for a substantial return. He’s been consistently aggressive and so far it hasn’t come to bite him.

I probably shouldn’t have said that.

Could ya tackle a running back though?

Just like any Bear would do. I appreciate keeping Rodgers’ stat line in the dumps by letting the Packers focus on the run, but all I ask is the second Bear to tough a running back tackles him. Ok fine, but the third? Can we do the third Bear gets the tackle?

Robert Quinn’s revival doesn’t look like a fluke

And he gave us one of the most joyful moments of the game, pushing a Packer lineman backwards until he sacked his own running back with his butt.

Can’t wait to look at the all 22 to understand what happened with the two balls Fields threw into Packers hands

The first time on the “free play” I think he was expecting Allen Robinson to run it through. The second time I really don’t know what he meant to do. At least that time he lucked out with the Packer not controlling the ball with two feet in bounds, giving the Bears the necessary opportunity to get a delay and game and a sack out of the way to end the drive.

Regardless of why, it’s a habit I’d love to see nipped in the bud early in Fields’ blossoming career.

The Bears offense just needs to work on the middle of the game

Good start. Decent finish. Get that middle right and we might be onto something here!

The Packers started with the ball and the Bears were up 7 with the ball in the second quarter. That wasn’t just bad Packers luck. The Bears took advantage of an injured Packers team and outplayed them. I’ll remember that as the start of the Justin Fields era.

The game’s momentum swung on a referee malpractice level of bad call, but the Bears are an ascending team and the Packers are held together by a string, poised to unravel when they inevitably lose in the playoffs despite more than their share of bounces and calls going their way.