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Bear & Balanced: Spotlighting the good and bad from Bears vs Packers

Jeff and Lester are taking a (mostly) level-headed look at the Bears vs Packers game.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Appleton Post Crescent-USA TODAY Sports

We pride ourselves on taking a breath after the Chicago Bears play their game each week and coming at things in a balanced way, but losing to the rival Green Bay Packers tends to get us in a salty mood. We were still able to pull some good out of the game, but this week’s podcast definitely slanted towards the negative.

Here’s a bullet point outline of our Bear & Balanced, Bears vs Packers breakdown.

  • Intro: We get things started addressing the “I own you!” trash talk from Aaron Rodgers, and giving our general thoughts on the game.
  • Trench Tribute: For our lineman of the game, we each happen to spotlight one guy on offense and one guy on defense. Who would you pick as the best Chicago lineman this week?
  • Sweet Tweets: We’re both active on social media — follow us at @gridironborn & @wiltfongjr — and we highlight one Twitter interaction/Tweet of the week in this segment. This week our producer Robert Schmitz (@robertkschmitz) jumps in to share a Tweet that he noticed too.
  • Caught up in a numbers game: This segment has us featuring one number that caught our eye. And spoiler alert... both our numbers will make you sad :(
  • The 3 Bears: In this segment we give our picks for the Bear that was hot, the Bear that was cold, and the Bear that was just right in the game against the Packers. We both had the same guy in the hot category. In the cold category I went with an offensive lineman that I graded -14/+47, and Jeff went with... gasp Justin Fields. And for our just right Bears I had Robert Quinn and Jeff went with defensive coordinator Sean Desai.

Who do you pick for hot, cold, and just right after Sunday’s game.

  • The Fields Report: We wrap the show up spending some time on the good and bad that we saw from the rookie QB.

Check out their podcast right here:

For those of you that prefer to consume your Bears content in video format, we recorded the podcast on Monday night, and you can check that show out right here and in the embed below.

h/t to Robert Schmitz for producing the show!