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NFL Power Rankings: What do the experts think of the .500 Bears?

We check in on what the NFL power rankers think about the Chicago Bears after they dropped a game to the Green Bay Packers.

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears had another disjointed performance on offense against the Green Bay Packers, but they were still in the game midway through the fourth quarter.

But then Aaron Rodgers happened.

If the Packers truly are on some kind of Last Dance farewell tour, then this could be the final time that we see Rodgers wearing the green and gold in Soldier Field. And to that I say — It can’t come soon enough — because Rodgers has owned the Bears in going 22-5 including the playoffs, which is more wins than he has against any other team. Yes, even more than against the Lions.

The Bears are next scheduled to face Green Bay at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night, December 12, which is following the Packers’ bye week, so that could be another rough one, but it could also be the last time we ever see Rodgers playing for the Packers. For betting promotions and information see more here to get in on a few props and wagers.

Here’s the schedule before the Bears play that week 14 game;

So could the Bears still be alive for a playoff spot?

Let’s find out what the experts think about the Bears after 6 weeks as we run through some Power Rankings. is holding the Bears steady at 23.

Not enough offense. It’s been a common lament around the Bears for — well, pretty much forever, it feels like. And it was the easiest way to explain another loss to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Chicago actually got out of the gates quickly with a Justin Fields-led scoring drive to start the game, but the Bill Lazor attack went cold after that. When a Darnell Mooney touchdown catch pulled the Bears within a field goal in the fourth quarter, Rodgers marched the Packers 75 yards on seven plays for the clinching touchdown — capped with a viral moment that left Bears fans praying the rocky Rodgers/Packers marriage disintegrates in totality after this season.

ESPN has the Bears down three to 19th overall.

Week 1 confidence rating: 2.0

How it’s going now: 4.8

The Bears are a better team than they showed in Week 1 versus the Rams, but this past Sunday’s loss to the visiting Packers reinforced the fact that Chicago struggles to beat quality opponents. My 4.8 rating might seem a tad harsh, but the Bears (3-3) are at Tampa Bay (5-1) next week. Matt Nagy’s team could be back to below .500 in the blink of an eye. The rating accurately reflects that. — Jeff Dickerson

Sports Illustrated also has the Bears at 19 this week.

Just like in 2018, it’s going to take this defense forcing multiple turnovers and dominating every week in order for the Bears to stay in the playoff hunt. It’s an organization that seems bizarrely uninterested in quality quarterback play.

That last sentence though...

Someone want to tell SI the Bears traded up for a QB last draft? I’d imagine the plan is for Fields to give them quality QB play eventually.

The Sporting News has it like this.

19. Chicago Bears 3-3 (15)

The Bears got some better play from their key rookies, Justin Fields and Khalil Herbert, to make the Packers sweat. But they need more firepower as their defense still has plenty of key holes.

CBS Sports dropped the Bears six spots to 19.

Justin Fields has had some flashes, but he is too inconsistent to win each week right now. There will be growing pains with rookie starters - and he’s having some.

Here’s how Yahoo Sports has it.

21. Chicago Bears (3-3, LW: 21)

In a loss, rookie running back Khalil Herbert was a bright spot. He had 112 total yards and a touchdown. The Bears’ sixth-round draft pick looked very good. He’s another example of why it’s bad business to invest a lot in the running back position.

USA Today has the Bears in the top half of the league.

16. Bears (14): Rookie QB Justin Fields has now started four games ... so what next to animate the league’s worst overall offense?