Remember The Buccaneers?

As I was struggling to avert my eyes from the train-wreck that was the 2021 Tampa Bay - Bears fiasco I kept thinking to myself, I know what's going to happen. I don't like what's going to happen, but I know it's coming.

It ended up being even worse than my expectation.

Watching this game gave me a real sense of anti-deja-vu.

It was the revenge game to end all revenge games, kind of like Avengers: Endgame. Except the Bears are poor Thanos in this version.

We all know Brady was out to get back at us for losing due to his 4-fingered salute but I think there was even more to it.

TRIGGER WARNING: Tin-Foil-Hat approaching.

So I'm sitting there feeling all embarrassed by what was happening when I thought hey, wait....This is the Buccaneers?

Didn't the entire league use to own large parcels of the Bucs?

Then I remembered that, at one time, Chicago did indeed own the Bucs.

Slowly it occurred to me that in the current game in 2021, the Football Gods were merely balancing an entry in the Galactic Ledger of Football on behalf of the Bears for the Nagy/Trubisky beatdown of the Bucs back in 2018 and in the big scheme of things, this actually bodes well for Chicago Bears Fans.

Here's some WHY's for you:

1. Final score of 2018 game: 48-10 a 38 point difference. Final score of 2021 game 38 - 3. Coincidence? Ok maybe, but TB12 has been playing 4-D chess with the league for a while, so I wouldn't put it past him to shoot for a specific total. But it is one of a few weird synchronicities that involve the most recent Bears - Tampa Bay cosmic showdown...

2. In 2018 Trubisky put on a show designed to trick Bears fans into believing he had become The One, throwing for 6 TDs putting up a QBR of 98.1. Sunday, Fields put on a show designed to make us believe that he might not be The "1", putting up 5 turnovers, looking almost completely inept and backing up the eye-test with a shiny QBR of 1.9... very likely rounded up from 1.89...

3. In 2018 Pace was still seen as a up-n-coming hotshot GM and Nagy was perceived to be a great play caller and quarterback whisperer -- "just look at what he did with Mahhhomies" was the battle cry. Apparently, the Bears were starting to separate themselves from teams like the Bucs and seemed to be trending way up! Contrast with 2021, where Nagy's seat is hotter than Georgia asphalt and Pace's veneer is completely worn off due to his addiction to gambling (away future draft picks) while the Bucs are carrying around a shiny trophy and knocking our current regime on the head with it.

4. Remember Dirk Koetter? I didn't either, thank Wikipedia...He was the hapless man at the coaching helm of Tampa Bay who graciously took the Pace/Nagy/Trubisky beat down in 2018 in order to get fired for who? Bruce M'Fn Arians...yes, that guy who very likely could have been the Bears Head Coach who got passed over for the unrecognized Rena Leeg Genius Marc M'Fn Trestman.

These are just a few weird coinkydinkies [I'm sure you can find your own if you look hard enough so leave em in the comments!] that poked my eyes as I watched the utter futility that was the Bears attempt to slow down the Bucs.

The Bucs???? A team that previously had been stuck in the same mire we find our Beloved in but who've, since 2018, done every single thing that probably could have been done by the Bears Organization to get a Lombardi, but years sooner!

It's kind of showing us Bears fans not only what could have been, but what COULD BE if the correct decisions start to get made this offseason by those who own the purse at the top.

All that's needed to finish the job is a little more embarrassment to flush the cheeks of Matriarch McCaskey and this chapter is done.

TB12's 2021 Bears beatdown along with a little AR 12 air-thrusting his pheromones at the ladies at Soldier Field might have stirred her arteries a little more than is comfortable for a centenarian.

A few more tugs at her carotid artery and that vein above her eye due to us laying one or two more stinkers this season ought to do the trick.

The Football Gods Have Spoken! Is Halas Hall listening?

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