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Bears’ Peters: Borom’s return is this week

Yes, you read that right. You now get thorough injury updates from the starting left tackle.

Chicago Bears v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Amidst the ongoing circus act that is the Chicago Bears, it can be easy to forget certain players exist. With every fresh controversy, each week comes an opportunity to sweep other pressing stories under the rug. Thanks to Jason Peters—a 39-year-old veteran almost certainly speaking out of turn compared to any say, coaches or executives—we now get the chance to remember a few Guys who do, indeed, still have a pulse.

Who, you may ask? Why none other than the two book-ends the Bears drafted to protect Justin Fields long-term: Teven Jenkins and Larry Borom!

On Tuesday, Peters, who seems tired of deflection or otherwise doesn’t give a crap about trade secrets, spoke to the media. He shined some light on both of the Bears’ future hopeful building blocks on their offensive line. A positive light, to be precise.

The last we saw 2021 fifth-round pick Larry Borom was in the 15 snaps he played against the Rams in Week 1. Since injuring his ankle in that game, there has been nary a peep about the 22-year-old’s recovery.

Fortunately, according to Peters, the promising Borom is set to return this week. If Borom is healthy enough to start, that’s very welcome news for an offensive line that has made Justin Fields the NFL’s most sacked quarterback through a mere five starts.

As for Jenkins, recovery from back surgery has been a “slow progression,” and “he’s coming in a couple more weeks.” That’s not a surprising development given that Jenkins, who had his procedure in late August, originally had a 6-8 week timetable to fully heal. Even in a limited capacity, football activity for the second-round pick has to be a breath of revitalizing air for everyone in Lake Forest.

I don’t know what it says that a veteran who has had an active keycard to Halas Hall for less than three months offered more clarity in 10 minutes on two players the Bears are invested in for the future than any leader who scouted, or drafted, or touted them. Still, I’d like to thank Jason Peters. If they understood the current situation the way Peters does, the Bears could use a little more honesty and, more importantly, goodwill.

Stay tuned for later this week when Matt Nagy says he “had a frank conversation” with Peters for letting fans get excited about two young players on a mediocre team.

EDIT: And let’s not forget about this nugget of information from Peters.

ANOTHER EDIT: The Bears made it official on Wednesday.