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Just in Time: Fields bounces back for a statement win over lackluster Lions

Justin Fields drops some dimes and the Lions predictably drop the ball in a much needed bounce-back win for our Beloved.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
First of thousands of Ws for our franchise’s future.

It might confuse some of you that the Chicago Bears offense looked better than the defense today. Those are the people who don’t follow astrology and don’t know that Mercury has been in retrograde since September 27th. Just take the points and the win and enjoy it.

Hello, David Montgomery

The Bears franchise RB keeps impressing after his offseason upgrades. He consistently turns potential lost-yard plays and breaks through a tackle or three to churn butter into yards and I love to see it happen.

Update: Montgomery grabbed the back of his leg and left the field in pain after a 4th quarter run. This is very bad news. Please get well soon, D-Mont!!

Bears scored more points on their first drive than in their last game

And let’s not even mention the ratio of passing yards.

Khyiris Tonga is a fierce grizzly

Even with Eddie Goldman back, Tonga took plenty of snaps at nose and looked the part. The Bear would give Otis a run for his money if he was allowed into this week’s fat bear week competition. Some will be mad about him ravaging TJ Hockenson on Deon Bush’s bizarrely not counted interception, but Bears will be Bears and that Bear knows how to smosh.

Back to back Bear takeaways

After Deon Bush was robbed of an interception on a ball beautifully tipped by Jaylon Johnson, Jared Goff had a snap bounce of his shoulder that would make Mike Glennon proud, and it bounced strait into the eager paws of Bilal Nichols. That man may just break Bears franchise records for defensive line interceptions by the time he’s done here.

Update: the box score officially counted Nichols turnover as a fumble recovery, which in retrospect make sense. He’s going to have trouble catching Richard Dent’s 8 career interceptions at this rate. Also, RICHARD DENT HAD 8 INTERCEPTIONS.

Stop bopping Lions on the head, Khalil

I know it’s fun. I know they deserve the condescending sentiment of the gesture. But when you do it to the quarterback it’s a 15 yard penalty, and I’m not sure it’s worth it. Although they did still get zero points in that half. Ok, you can do it to the Detroit Lions, but not any real competition.

Moon Bear is starting to look like the Bears #1 receiver

This is obviously both good and bad. I’ll choose to assume Allen Robinson is getting extra attention and Mooney is running away with the opportunity, It sure is nice to see George McCaskey’s favorite player rewarding his faith in him. I can’t remember the last time I saw a receiver get a first down on a jet sweep. Good Bear.

Duke Shelley made a play downfield!

The proverbial weakest-link on the Bears defense made a nice downfield pass breakup on third and 2 in coverage on TJ Hockenson, keeping the shut out alive into the 3rd quarter. It may be that with more and more experience under his belt he turns into a solid starter. This is certainly a good game to let him get some glorified practice reps against a lousy Lions lineup.

We finally got a chance to see Fields’ deep accuracy

And damn it looked good. Honestly, I might be more impressed with Fields ability to come out and ball after last week’s performance than I would be if this had been his first start. The deep ball connection between Fields and Mooney is going to be something for us to enjoy for years to come.

Fields scrambles work better when he’s not chased by Myles Garrett

I don’t know if there’s anyone in the NFL who has both the burst and power to abuse lineman immediately off the snap combined with the speed to chase down Justin Fields beside Myles Garret. That was a rough start, but watching Lions defenders chase fruitlessly after Justin is more representative of what we will see in most matchups.

So who was calling the plays for the Bears offense?

The world may never know. Also, it was definitely Bill Lazor. Pew pew pew.

Deon Bush had several good plays

In Tashaun Gipson’s absence. The Bear better watch himself. He he starts to catch fire, I’ll have to start making some burning bush jokes, which would no doubt offend some of our more religious readers, but I have too much trouble resisting puns. My heart is in the right place I promise. So just keep it under wraps, Deon. For all of our sakes.

Update: Bush totally busted his coverage and gave up a touchdown to Khalif Raymond. Little risk of him catching fire for now.

Trevis Gipson had himself a day

If you asked yourself “who’s 99”? First, shame on you for not knowing the entire Bears’ roster. Second, you’re not alone. Gipson spend the afternoon in the backfield, racking up a sack, multiple tackles for loss and a QB hit. The Bears have been counting on him to develop as a rotational rusher and possibly eventually starting edge. It looks like he might just exceed those expectations.

Justin Field: Elite fumble recoverer

Cam Newton may be his favorite athlete, but you want see Fields hesitate to pounce of a fumbled ball. This Bear springs out of nowhere to under his mistakes and some day it’s going to lead to a crucial save in a big moment.

Lions are leaning hard into their trap game identity

It seems their overall strategy is to get down big quickly and look like a bad team, then start to come back when the other team starts to get too comfortable. And it came much too close to working against the Bears for my liking.

One Sack

The Bears allowed one sack today. Did the Lions help by being Lions and Lioning up their pass rush. Sure. But the Bears line played better and the game plan helped Fields out a lot more than last week.

Justin Fields looked good. The Bears offense looked defense. The Lions didn’t embarrass themselves as much as I’d hoped, but I’ll take the get right win regardless.

To clarify, I don’t think all is right with the Bears. But I’ll celebrate today and worry about the future later.