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Justin Fields makes strides in much needed Bears offensive revival against 49ers. Also Bears lose.

Justin Fields has two legs and two arms and he used all of his limbs to carry the Bears offense.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
Justin Fields feeling close to popping.

All I asked for in this game was to see the Chicago Bears offense move the ball in the forward direction. My wish was fulfilled on the Bears first drive and surpassed on the second, when beyond my wildest dreams, the Bears earned their fourth passing touchdown of the season. The Bears offense continued to move the ball and look good doing it. We can talk about the defense at another time.

Today’s safeties: Deandre Houston-Carson and Teez Tabor

Results were mixed. It’s possible the Bears missed Eddie Jackson’s coverage ability and reluctant but frequent tackling.

Larry Borom looks promising in his first start

I was scared for a second when I saw Nick Bosa get immediate pressure from the right, but that was because they added an extra lineman in Alex Bars who gave up the sack. At least watching live, the right side looked stout and the bookends of Peters and Borom may just be able to calm the waves of pressure that have relentlessly pounded the future of our franchise for the majority of his rookie season.

Update: Borom gave up some pressure in the second half, but I’m still excited to see his career develop considering this was his first start as a 5th round pick.

Bears offense tightening up some loose ends

Or should I say, the Bears tight ends started to play loose and get some big plays. This was on full display on the Bears first passing touchdown in eons when Kmet secured a crucial block and Jessie James layed out for a beautiful catch on an even prettier through from Fields.

Yikes it’s pretty so see Fields wheels get spinning

Things finally came together for Justin Fields to show off his running speed. Too many times earlier in the year, Fields didn’t start to run until he was about to get sacked, and too many times Myles Garrett pawed him down before he could get away. Today, he made some quick decisions when he saw holes and he took them in stride. Don’t be surprised if he pops up on the fastest players of the week again.

Yoiks it’s pretty to see Fields arm uncorked

We didn’t see the deep ball connections Fields teased us with earlier this season, but we saw quick, accurate balls and an efficient passing offense that helped the Bears score on nearly every drive and dominate the time of possession.

Nice to see Allen Robinson finally get rolling

You know I had to do it.

Boom or bust running game

The Bears had some great gains in the run game and 49ers had a lot of tackles for loss. Khalil Herbert has exceeded expectations while filling in for David Montgomery, but I have to wonder if Montgomery would have slipped some of those backfield tackles.

Update: Herbert got injured on a dropped pitch and had to be replaced by 4th string running-back and fan favorite Ryan Nall. No doubt he’ll bring the boom.

Hear me out: the Niners should change their name to the Silicon Valley Cryptocurrency Miners?

First off, the Niners stadium is no longer in San Francisco, it’s in Santa Clara, 45 miles south of San Francisco. Second, nobody remembers the Gold Rush, but everyone is obsessed with the current fake-gold rush and the race to make money on the biggest ponzi scheme in history super smart and cool world-changing brilliantly-decentralizing blockchain technology. I think it would be a perfect fit and go over quite well. You’re welcome for the tip Jed York. You can pay me in doge.

The Bears defense getting pushed 5 yards into the end zone is a disgrace

Forget about Monsters of the Midway, on that play, the didn’t deserve to be called Bears. If the Bears don’t draft the fattest defender available in each round of the next draft to make sure this never happens again, I’m going to be forced to seriously question my faith in this team.

Little matters this season besides Justin Fields development. This was a clear step in the right direction compared to his season so far, and a gigantic leap compared to last week. The Bears were more fun to watch today than they have been all season. This man is bringing new energy to the city of Chicago and this is just the beginning of it.