Hype Man Lounge- Lazor Edition!

Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports


Hello Friends, welcome back to the Hype Man Lounge which contrary to popular belief does not close. Think of this as the Vegas Strip of Fan Posts, never closed and always money. Anyway, you may say to yourself, self why was the Lounge MIA last week? Well, if you watched what happened in Cleveland you know just as I do there wasn't much to be hyped up about. However, this week the Lions came to town and washed our palates clean and we are able to once again find something to be hyped about. I mean really how much better is your Monday when it's a victory Monday? The morning coffee tastes better, the sun is shining and the birds are a chirpin. So what you may ask should we be hyped for this week? Was it the resurgence of the O-Line? Was it the play of Justin Fields? Was it the defense creating havoc on Goff and forcing TOs? Or maybe it was David Montgomery running wild like Hulkamania in the 80's?

All of those are good quality options, but this week we should all be thankful and hyped to the max because finally (again) Nagy gave up play calling and allowed his OC to actually do his job. And boy did he do his job, the game flow for the offense just seemed to be so much more smooth, the play calls stacked. He broke out the I formation and for a moment I felt a tear stream down my face. This is nothing new though, we've seen these things manifest in the past, Nagy hands off play calling and the team looks a million times better. It could be said that the opponent and weather they are garbage or not is a factor. I however disagree in the fact that even if it's a garbage team, they are a professional team and as such if the players don't execute they still look like trash against a garbage team.

Everyone knows that Bill Lazor should be calling the plays on a permanent basis, even Nagy knows this, but much like his stubbornness to continue to feed us that Dalton is the QB when he is healthy Nagy will eventually go back to calling plays. He has to, he probably feels like that is what will help him keep his job, he is probably worried that the longer Lazor calls plays and the more success the team has it will seal his fate. In my opinion Nagy will continue to give the Bears brass plenty of reasons to fire him as he continues to spew word salad after word salad on his ineptitude.

Annnnnnnnnyway, this post is for my man (insert Denzel Washington GIF here) Bill Lazor and his ability to do the simple thing of calling plays that fit the strengths of the players who are expected to execute them. I'm extremely hyped up for what Bill can do for the offense moving forward as a play caller and I for one hope he continues to have the opportunity to show us what he has up his sleeve. So now I throw it to you, who is your player, coach, mascot, groundskeeper, fan tweeting in the stands making it in the news paper and apparently on ABC news 7, but also missed Jerry Azumah and Peanut Tillman at the tailgate that you are most hyped for this week? I hope you all have a wonderful victory week and to those who may be traveling out to Vegas this week to catch the game safe travels and never forget to double down!

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