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WCG Sunday Livestream - Week 10 - The Bye-Week Check-In

With an awkward November schedule and a lot of busy vacation time ahead for the WCGSL, the guys take stock of the team in the wake of Justin Fields’ coming-out party.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, folks. Monday was... an interesting game.

Typically the last few years, on Bears-less Sundays we’ve been a little quieter on the streaming front. If you’ve been following along, this November (and first week of December) is not kind to us on that front, both on the actual schedule of Bears games and our own personal schedules.

So to give an update on the schedule for us going forward: We’re going to take the opportunity to talk to you today, because for the next three weeks, we will not be doing the WCGSL. After today our next stream will be December 12, presently scheduled to be a Steven solo show, with the next full boat show to be December 19.

That means today, we’re all yours. Whatever Bears topics you have on your mind, we’ll talk about. From the refs, to the refs, to the refs (did we get flagged for unsportsmanlike content yet?), to the giant step forward taken by Justin Fields - how do you feel about the Bears and what do you want to talk about?

Tell us:

As per usual, we’ll go live around 9:30 AM CT and talk with you for a couple hours. See you then!