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Bears bumble their way to embarrassing loss to battered Baltimore backups

Third down futilities, miscues, and a quarterback injury lead to a mostly unsatisfying afternoon at Soldier Field

Baltimore Ravens v Chicago Bears
The Bears franchise savior suffered a rib injury in the third quarter. We’re all crossing our paws he recovers quickly.

I don’t know that Justin Fields playing his best two games leading into the bye week was good for the Chicago Bears fan psyche. All we heard for two weeks was how good he was looking, how he was on track to be a star, and the naive parts of our hearts were left with the impression that it would be smooth sailing from here.

Somehow, I didn’t anticipate watching a backup quarterback run laps around Fields in terms of completion percentage before Fields getting injured on a fruitless Third and 11 run. I should have known better. This is the proper Bears quarterback situation. Bear down.

Box Score

I’m still getting used to watching a good quarterback in Navy

Early in the first, Fields rolled/scrambled right and released a high throw as pressure closed on him. I instinctively cringed, hoping it would go out of bounds rather than be intercepted. Instead it was a 29 yard completion to Darnell Mooney.

It’s official. The 65 yard attempt in Pittsburgh ruined Cairo Santos

The higher a kicker flies, the farther he has to fall. Santos’ first attempt today when wide on a meager 40 yard try. We need to get some Augusta silence in here, ASAP.

Bilal Nichols has quietly had a quiet season

It struck me when I saw the starting defense with Mario Edwards Jr. and Angelo Blackson flanking Eddie Goldman. The Bear was one of the young building blocks I was excited about coming into the season, but so far, he hasn’t made himself noticed. Hopefully he’ll rally for the end of the season. I like my Bears D line dominant and Hicks isn’t getting younger.

Robert Quinn out here making Tyler Huntley look like a low-tier backup quarterback

I’ll take two sacks in the first two drives. The first one Quinn chased Huntley down so fast, I assumed it was Roquan Smith before I looked closer. And by looked closer, I mean listened to the announcers because to be honest, I wasn’t looking that closely because my puppy was barking at my cat.

Who would have guessed the Bears offensive line would provide a get right game for the Ravens pass rush?

The Ravens pass rush has been struggling to get pressure this season, but they took advantage of the Bears lackluster pass protection for early pressures and a crucial strip sack in the 2nd quarter. The Bears offensive line let Tyus Bowser make Fields look like baby Mario.

What can I say about the Bears defense...

That hasn’t already been said about week-old potato salad. It’s good in moments, but at some point in the afternoon, it will probably make you want to vomit.

Get well soon, Justin Fields

Nothing else matters.

Air Hail Lord Andrew Dalton, Slayer of Ravens

All it took was a screen pass to Darnell Mooney for Dalton to assert his dominance over Baltimore, his superiority to Justin Fields, and his rightful claim to countless MVP votes. Also, he threw a clutch would-be game-winning touchdown on 4th and 11.

Tony Romo is making me ashamed of not singing Roquan Smith’s praises enough

The Bear is so consistent and talented, I often forget to mention it. Romo beat me too it today, calling each of his games an A+ and pointing out his incredible hustle on a play when he blitzed and then chased the ball after it was thrown for a tackle 10 yards down the field. Love that Bear. Hopefully Romo’s words will help him finally earn a much-deserved all pro.

I’ll admit it. I got excited when Dalton through that second touchdown. I believed the Bears would win it. Shame on me.