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Visualize this: Bears Lions Series Brick by Brick

We revisit the brick by brick visual with a better outcome, looking at the Bears Lions series.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, this column debuted a way to look at the Bears-Packers all-time series by showing the back and forth of the series with bricks to represent each game. I’ll admit that the visual may have led to some depression for Bears fans given just how many green and yellow bricks populated the top of the wall.

I vowed to revisit the idea with the team the Bears have the second-most games against (and the most wins against) - the Detroit Lions. The series started in 1930 against the Portsmouth Spartans and in fact, it was the Spartans who lost to the Bears 0-9 in the first ever playoff game in 1932. That game, played indoors after a circus left town, might be one of the more bizarre stories in NFL history and it belongs to this series.

Bears Lions series brick by brick

Overall, the Bears have done quite well against the Lions, winning 6 decades, losing two, and splitting the 2010s. This decade is off to a decent start with the Bears holding a 2-1 lead heading into the Thanksgiving contest. While Detroit rebuilds and looks for their next QB of the future, the Bears hope Justin Fields can continue to build on this series lead.

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