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Report: Nagy out after Lions game

A reporter is saying that Thursday’s game against the Lions will be Matt Nagy’s last as Chicago Bears coach

NFL: NOV 21 Ravens at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A report has emerged Tuesday morning that Matt Nagy was informed that Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day game against the Detroit Lions would be his last game as Chicago Bears head coach.

The report comes from long time Chicago reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Konkol, who has worked at the Sun-Times, Chicago Reader and now Patch.

This would be a historical departure from franchise norms as the Bears have never in their history let a coach go before the end of a season.

It could also be an indication that perhaps it’s a resignation by Nagy rather than a firing, but according to reporters, the coach is still scheduled to meet the media later this morning, around 11:45 a.m. Central Time. That could be a way to clear some of this up, although it could also just be a long series of denials.

The drum beat has gotten louder and louder against Nagy, where it was already loud coming in the 2021 season. It has become deafening as the team hit it’s latest five-game skid.

Nagy’s record now stands at 31-27.

Now we await to see what happens with GM Ryan Pace and whether this is a seismic shift for the organization from the top down.

Of course stay tuned to WCG for the latest, both here and on Twitter.

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