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5 Questions with Pride of Detroit: Things could always be worse

We touch base with Mike Payton from our Detroit Lions sister site to discuss our two woeful teams, the best bets in the bursting EV market, and of course Thanksgiving snacks.

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
Roary the Lion is too full to stand up after some enthusiastic early Thanksgiving snitching.

1. How mad are Detroit Lions fans that David Blough isn’t starting? It was one thing when the team could pretend that Jared Goff was good enough to keep Blough off the field but Tim Boyle? It’s offensive.

I hate to break Lions fans’ hearts, but David Blough is not going to make a difference. It’s a rough spot to be in, but Jared Goff is the Lions best chance to win a game. Yes, I actually typed that. Goff did return to practice Monday. There’s a chance he’ll be back on Thanksgiving day. He’ll give the Lions a 10% chance to win. That’s 5% higher than Tim Boyle.

2. Have there been any bright spots in the Lions season so far that give you hope for the future of some players and/or coaches?

D’Andre Swift is a star. He’s ran for 100 plus yards and a touchdown in the past two games and he leads all running backs in receptions. He’s also second among running backs in receiving yards. He’s been a shining light for the Lions. On the coaching staff it’s Aaron Glenn. The Lions defense is made of all spare parts. Somehow this man has fashioned those spare parts into a defense that’s able to keep the Lions in most games. It’s kind of worrisome to Lions fans though. Because the rest of the league is noticing it and there’s already beliefs out there that Glenn could get head coaching interviews this coming offseason.

3. This electric car thing. Real or just a fad?

You’ll believe in them once they transform into robot warriors from outer space that have been sent here to protect us from computers once they turn on us once Skynet goes online.

4. What’s the best Thanksgiving side dish and why is it pumpkin pie?

Pumpkin pie is delicious, but stuffing/dressing is where it’s at. I love any kind, it doesn’t matter. Pour some gravy on it and it’s a beautiful thing.

5. How do the Lions pull out a win on Thursday?

The only way the Lions can win this game is if they do what they seem to be unable to do. Get uncomfortable. They need to throw down field, they need to take risks, they gotta go for it on fourth downs, fake punts, feed D’Andre Swift and just totally not be themselves. The Chicago Bears are winning this game and it’s not going to be a pretty one for either team.

Thanks to Mike Payton for giving us the skinny of his favorite team!

His response to question 1 makes me suspicious the Lions have been saving David Blough for a surprise attack on the Bears. I’m confident enough about this conspiracy that I will be starting Blough in my fantasy league of record. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.