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Stock up, stock down: Bears beat Lions

The Bears snapped a five game losing streak but there’s not much to feel great about

Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Snapping a five game losing streak to a 0-9-1 team is kind of like defeating your younger sibling.

It’s always nice to get a win, but is it really an accomplishment?

The Bears can feel good about themselves and talk about how they overcame distractions, blocked out the noise and rallied together and all that other rah, rah coaching cliche B.S.

But now you’ve got the 9-2 Arizona Cardinals and 8-2 Packers coming up, so the reality check is coming.

No one can really believe that this team has turned a corner or is somehow improving. Beating the Detroit Lions means next to nothing other than it is nice to have to think about a painful loss for a week plus.

And it’s nice that the team didn’t blow a chance to win the game by waiting until there was one second left to take the lead.

After the Pittsburgh and Baltimore games, it was a nice change.

Stock up

Cole Kmet, TE - Kmet doesn’t get consistent playcalling (who does in this offense?) but he is getting better and better. He had eight receptions for 65 yards on 11 targets. He was instrumental on third downs too.

Darnell Mooney, WR - Two straight 100-yard games and Mooney is on pace for 1,000 yards. There aren’t any moral victories in the NFL but it is nice to have random stats and records to root for when the team is not in the hunt. Mooney is a fantastic No. 2 receiver and his presence helps this roster immensely going into the future.

Robert Quinn, OLB - Quinn has been great all year and so his stock can’t really go much further up. But Quinn now has 11 sacks on the season and that would have been scarcely believable at the beginning of the season. He added a TFL, a QB hit and a forced fumble.

Stock down

Artie Burns, CB - He wasn’t that much better than Kindle Vildor was he? I’m willing to give him more than one game as the starter and we’ve all clearly seen enough of Vildor, but outside of Jaylon Johnson, this entire position group should go in the trash.

David Montgomery, RB - Maybe it was the short week, maybe it was the game plan, but Montgomery didn’t seem as dominant as he can be. I don’t know if it’s still working his way back from that injury and/or combined with the short week, but the running game was not where we’ve come to expect it to be.

Jakeem Grant, KR - Why is Grant given an unlimited green light when he can’t consistently get to the 25? I mean look at this stat from friend of WCG Johnathan Wood.

Who did I miss? Who should’ve been on the list or left off?