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Stock up, stock down: Other than the refs

There’s still some things to be excited about, outside of the Bears dropping their fourth loss in a row

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears dropped their fourth game in a row Monday night to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but not all is lost.

The offense showed some improvement, led by Justin Fields.

Outside of that though, there was a lot of bad. The Bears have lost at least four games in a row in three consecutive seasons now, the defense allowed a bad Pittsburgh offense to score a season high in points and the refs had one of the worst games of in memory.

Chicago can head into their bye week counting their moral victories, but only because there’s no on-field victories to count. As a fan, that’s the hope that’s going to have to pump you up as you look toward the latter half of the season.

There’s not many winnable games left. In order they have the Ravens, Lions, Cardinals, Packers, Vikings, Seahawks, Giants, Vikings. It’s a rough stretch and right here, today, maybe you say there’s three winnable games in it.

But that’s a conversation for another day. Let’s look back one more time.

Stock up

Allen Robinson, WR - Season high in yards, some huge plays in the closing moments of the game and a big third down catch early in the game. Could this be a sign that Robinson and Fields are getting in sync? We can hope right?

Joel Iyiegbuniwe, LB - Let’s give some love to a special teamer. He hasn’t had a snap on defense this season but he sees over two-thirds of his work on special teams. He’s been kind of an under the radar player and he made a huge play; forcing a fumble of Ray-Ray McCloud at a pivotal moment in the game, allowing Chicago to get back in to it.

Cole Kmet, TE - He’s another guy that may be catching up with his new quarterback. He’s not going to be a game-changing TE like George Kittle or Travis Kelce, but he was great. He made catches all over the field, toe-tapping on the sideline, down the middle, contested, open, etc. He ended up with a career-high 87 yards.

Stock down

Robert Quinn, OLB - Quinn notched another sack, which was fantastic, especially since it broke the streak of sackless Bears football without Khalil Mack. However, it has be mentioned that his egregious offsides penalties, especially on the last Steelers’ drive, were just bone-headed. I get that the refs were awful, but if you have to overcome the refs, you better change what you’re doing. Check with them, maybe line up a few inches back from where you “normally” would since the refs are being ticky tacky.

Kindle Vildor, CB - He’s so often overmatched, it’s hard to fault him with the position he’s been put in, but he didn’t play great. He gave up a big play to Chase Claypool on the first Steelers’ drive and later in the game he got out of position and couldn’t get turned back around on Pat Freiermuth’s touchdown.

Sam Mustipher, C - No one is saying that Mustipher is the center of the future, but he struggled with Cameron Heyward all game. Granted, Heyward is one of the best at the position, it still wasn’t good, especially when the way he played Heyward arguably directly led to the interception.

Who did I miss? Did anyone deserve a mention (other than Fields?)