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Bears Over Beers: Packers Preview and Cheese Draft

When your favorite football team is a 12.5 point underdog against their historical rival, you talk about dairy

Super Bowl XLV Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears travel north to Wisconsin to play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. Uh oh.

It’s going to be a tough game for the struggling Bears so the Bears Over Beers crew did what any reasonable football podcast preview show would do - a cheese draft. After the guys talk about what to expect on Sunday night, they competed in the first ever cheese draft. Who won the draft?

JB: Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Gruyere, Roquefort (Blue cheese), Oaxaca, and Marscapone.

EJ: Asiago, Colby Jack, Boursin, Buffalo Mozzarella, Munster, and Queso.

Let us know where we messed up!

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