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WCG Sunday Livestream: Week 14 - Bears Vs Packers

The WCGSL returns just in time for Packers Week round two. Who says it’s not a rivalry?


Good morning. So... um... anything happen or not happen in the last three weeks?

Apparently since the last time we spoke, the Bears lost a close one to the Ravens after Justin Fields took a rough shot to the ribs, then Andy Dalton squeaked out a last-second win against the Lions for some reason, and then the Cardinals showed the Dalton-led Bears what a good team looks like just in time for the Bears to have to face round two against the Packers in Lambeau Field.

At least Justin Fields is back. His up-and-down season has been punctuated by high moments such as against the Steelers and down moments such as Cleveland. Hopefully over the next five games he shows more high moments.

Tonight in the lights against the Packers would be a good night to get things rolling again. The Packers have the driver’s seat in the division, but the Bears losing last week to the Cardinals keeps the Packers behind Arizona in the pursuit of the #1 seed.

Which, of course, leads the occasionally-offensive, always chippy, perpetual pains in the posterior Packers to giving the Bears everything they’ve got in primetime. (Not like this is anything that is beyond the norm anyway.)

As for the Navy and Orange, tonight is bigger than just being Bears Vs Packers. Another crushing defeat is just another point of evidence in the laundry list of reasons that Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace should be done with the Bears. A win doesn’t provide that data point, but hey, we’d all feel better about beating the Packers, yeah? And even better if it’s the Justin Fields show.

To hoping for Fields to outduel Rodgers. Bear Down, my friends.

The WCGSL makes its sort-of-triumphant return. In the “Returns to the room with pizza and everything is on fire” sense. At least the massive losing streak ended.

But we’ve missed three weeks of shows. So how’ve y’all been? Let’s have a chat. We’ve got Pace and Nagy to talk about, we’ll get in to this silly “rivalry/not-a-rivalry” commentary, we’ll catch up on life, we’ll have Cloudy’s overs and unders, and much more.

Now imagine when Sam’s back next week!

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As per usual, we’ll go live around 9:30 AM CT and talk with you for a couple hours. See you then!