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The Magnificent 7: Teven Jenkins (#6)

The Bears are in the middle of hard times. However, there’s still hope to be found on the roster.

NFL: JUL 29 Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are counting down the seven players that we feel are the future building blocks of the Chicago Bears. Already we’ve discussed honorable mentions, and #7 was the established and reliable David Montgomery.

#6 Teven Jenkins (16 points)

The tie with Montgomery was broken on highest ranking, and Jack had the rookie tackle at #2.

Lester: This is all based on hope. I hope he can stay healthy. I hope he can project to be nearly as dominant of a player he was in college. And I hope he can make the transition to left tackle if that’s indeed the Bears’ long term plan for him.

Sam H: His draft status alone puts him here, but his development for the future of this offensive line is so important. The OL has been up and down (mostly down) for a couple of years but finding a home-grown LT that can anchor a line for years is so important and Jenkins just might be that guy.

Bill: The fact that [at the time of this writing] one of the building blocks of this team hasn’t taken an offensive snap yet for the team is concerning, but if Jenkins gives the Bears a tackle they can rely on for 10-12 years, it’ll be a huge help to an offensive line that has struggled.

Rob S: Jenkins’ appearance here comes down to investment — Jenkins represents a 2nd & 3rd round pick in last year’s draft and, as such, Bears fans will be expecting big things from him going forward. Playing offensive tackle, he’ll have plenty of impact on Justin Fields’ career as he leads the Bears’ line in both the running game and pass protection. Can he live up to expectations? Based on his Oklahoma State tape, absolutely! Whether he will or not is a story yet to be written, though, and that’s why he’s not high on my list.

Rob Z: Yeah it’s nice that Larry Borom looks like a capable starter, but it’s Jenkins who the Bears need to blossom into an anchor. He has all the tools and if his back holds up, the Bears finally have an elite offensive edge.

Jack Salo: The Bears went far too many drafts without seriously attacking the offensive line problem, and let both of their starting tackles leave their 20s and leave the facility last offseason. There has been speculation that the Bears could find a spot for Jenkins other than offensive tackle, but they drafted him to be a starting left tackle and that’s where they desperately need him to excel. If he can help shore up an offensive line that is currently a pain point for the boys in navy & orange, then the future for Fields and Montgomery is bright.