Super Bowl Bound

Last season, I was widely ridiculed on this site for saying that the Bears would sneak into the playoffs after their 6 game losing streak. Turns out I was right. This year I'm not only predicting a playoff berth for the Chicago Bears, but a Super Bowl victory. As the Bears round into the closing 4 games of the year, it is slowly becoming clear to all involved that heads will roll unless the Bears succeed. Matt Nagy is going to return to peak 2018 coach of the year form as his creative playcalling lets this offense begin to hit on all cylinders. Justin Fields is going to round into the franchise passer everyone knows he will become, firmly catapulting him into the MVP race and a shoe in for OROY. Justin is going to prove why he is the greatest passer to ever grace the NFL. Meanwhile, the defense is going to be voraciously hungry. Sean Desai will unlock the ferocious inner bear-like potential of our defensive playmakers. No Khalil? No problem. Robert Quinn plays like a man possessed and breaks the single season sack record, securing a pressure on every single drop back.

With the Bears heating up with the best coaching staff, unstoppable offense, and ferocious defense – Chicago will be the team to beat heading into the playoffs. Even though they're the 7th seed, no one wants to play us as we down opponent after opponent. After a 7 game win streak, we return to the Super Bowl stage. Patrick Mahomes vs Justin Fields. Who wins? Justin of course, as Fields makes clear that by not drafting Mahomes inn 2017, the Bears were playing 3D chess not checkers. They purposely snubbed Mahomes to secure the greatest player to ever enter the NFL 4 years later.

The Bears hoist up the Ditka Trophy and then have 3 straight undefeated seasons with Justin at the helm.

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