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WCG Sunday Livestream: NFL Week 15 - Bears Vs Vikings

The Bears draw the Vikings on Monday Night Football

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Good morning. The Bears aren’t quite at mathematical elimination just yet, but at four wins, it’s pretty bleak. Especially when games like last Sunday night’s happen.

You know, the kind of game where it looks like things might actually work in the Bears’ favor for once, special teams looks decent, the offense has done enough to take the lead... and then they cease to do anything useful in the remainder of the game while the Packers adjust and drive down for score after score on a defense that also isn’t very useful the last few weeks.

Couple that with a COVID outbreak affecting a number of players and all three coordinators, continued rumors about Matt Nagy’s and Ryan Pace’s lack of job security, and Jaylon Johnson taking a turn at the mic to call out his teammates for mailing it in, and it’s hard to do anything else in these last four games but look towards 2022 without a first-round draft pick and a ton of roster holes to fill with what definitely doesn’t feel like enough free agency dollars.

Pretty bleak, huh.

But we still have the WCG Sunday Livestream, and after last week, the Bears gave us no shortage of things to talk about.

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As per usual, we’ll go live around 9:30 AM CT and talk with you for a couple hours. See you then!