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Bears vs Vikings: What do you want to see?

Check out this latest WCG roundtable here.

NFL: OCT 17 Packers at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Chicago Bears seemed to be really holding on to their slim playoff hopes with their insistence on sticking with veterans instead of getting more youngsters involved, but some recent injuries and a devastating wave of COVID through the NFL has them forced into playing more kids than they probably wanted to.

At 4-9 this Bears franchise should be looking towards the future, and while their immediate future means a date on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings, most of our WCG staffers have already turned the page on the 2021 season. This year hasn’t gone like we hoped, but fingers crossed the Bears can finish strong and give us all something to be excited about.

We asked a few of them to share with us what they were hoping to see on Monday and here’s what we said.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: I want to see all the young players given a heaping amount of reps, as it’s time to call up all their draft picks stashed on the practice squad for their first live reps in the NFL. Thomas Graham and Dazz Newsome in particular should be elevated, as what have any of the DBs or receivers ahead of them done to keep their jobs anyway?

I also want to see Justin Fields given a game plan that just lets him turn it loose. Wins and losses don’t matter anymore. Go out and let Justin show what he can do. Even if it means locking Matt Nagy up in the locker room and letting the QBs call their own plays.

Bill Zimmerman: I want to see George McCaskey walk out of the tunnel to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music, walk to the 50-yard line, grab a mic and cut a promo that fires Pace and Nagy, drops the mic and walk back down through the tunnel.

Is that too much to ask for?

Sam Householder: I just want all the players to have fun and get a good game in.

Who am I kidding? I really want to see Justin Fields have a clean game with three touchdowns, no interceptions and a rushing touchdown to boot.

Ken Mitchell: I’d like to see another Vikings meltdown at Soldier Field, their personal house of horrors where seemingly all wounds and disasters have been self-inflicted.

Josh Sunderbruch: I want to see Ryan Pace fire Matt Nagy and as part of the explanation, admit that hiring Nagy and other mistakes were signs of his own need to grow. He would then follow this with his resignation.

Robert Zeglinski: I’d like to see someone like Akiem Hicks play again so he can get one last laugh in (c’mon, the Hicks Era is over) at the expense of the Vikins while humiliating Kirk Cousins in the process. In the previous four years, this hasn’t really been an issue, strangely enough (that might be the Cousins factor, of course.) It’s Hicks availability that probably throws a wrench into this wish. Fingers crossed!

I second my colleagues’ sentiments and wish to add that I’d like to see Randy Orton “RKO” Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace on top of the gigantic C at Soldier Field. It would be therapeutic and make me feel something, anything watching the Bears. I’ll settle for one RKO of either gentleman if that suffices.

Patti Curl: I want to see Staley Da Bear challenge Victor the Viking to a figure skating competition, and when Victor flounders trying to land a triple salchow, Staley leaps over the flailing Norseman, his skates shining in the stadium lights as he spins a world’s first perfect quintuple axel. Then the Bears win.

Jack Salo: Once the Bears take the field, I want to see them line up and hold giant flash cards which read as the following:

“With any luck, by next year
We’ll be gearing up for a playoff run
But for now, let me say
Without hope or agenda
Just because it’s Christmas
(And at Christmas you tell the truth)
We’re sorry for wasting three hours of your life”

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: This season has always been about Justin Fields to me, but with Teven Jenkins getting his first start due to the Jason Peters injury, I’ll be keeping a close eye on him to see how he bounces back from his disappointing debut last Sunday.

What do you guys want to see happen on Monday night?