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‘Shooting ourselves in the foot’ leads to Bears loss

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears lost again to fall to 4-10, their slim chances at a postseason spot are now officially over, and with three games left on the schedule everyone can now start to look towards 2022 and what this team projects to be. Changes are coming. They have to be. But at this point the only thing in question is how many changes will the franchise make.

Head coach Matt Nagy is surely out, possibly even before the season ends. General manager Ryan Pace has tried to distance himself from Nagy, but I can’t see him being allowed to continue in his current role. And then there’s team president Ted Phillips. Rumors are circulating that he may step aside or retire, and if so it’s long overdue.

When looking for silver linings for the franchise it’s really all about Justin Fields.

There are some other young players that are sure to be part of whatever this team becomes, but if Fields isn’t the guy they drafted him to be the Bears will be starting over again.

Fields has been inconsistent all season, but that’s normal from a rookie quarterback. He’s far form a finished product, but if you don’t see the positives in his game then you’re trying too hard to be a critic. He’s taking too many sacks, he’s too loose with the ball, his slide needs some work, but he’s also in one of the worst offensive systems in the league. Matt Nagy’s playbook has produced some historically bad numbers for the franchise. Both in total yards and in points scored the Bears have been bottom third since 2019.

Fields has three more games to work on his craft and to learn from his mistakes, and he’s aware of the current deficiencies he has. Listening to him break down his play shows his leadership, his accountability, and his knowledge of what he needs to do to close out the season.

Check out his press conference from after the Vikings game here.