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WCG Sunday Livestream: Week 16 - Bears Vs Seahawks

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. The Bears enter Week 16 with no chance at the playoffs.

Well, let’s go ahead and add to that. No Justin Fields this week, as Nick Foles has been announced the starter with Fields and Dalton both nursing injuries. No Larry Borom at right tackle, as apparently it’s important to start Germain Ifedi in some sort of revenge game against his former team. Thankfully, Thomas Graham might get some extra snaps?

I guess if we’re going into this week looking to squeeze out one more win this season, the next two weeks might offer the best chance for that, between taking on the Seahawks and former once-likely Bears quarterback trade target Russell Wilson, and next week’s tilt against the NFC East bottom team New York Giants, before closing out the year against the Vikings.

So here we are playing out the string with a team that isn’t going anywhere this season, a coach that is all but certainly gone after the season, a GM that is on unsteady ground himself, and potentially facing a massive structural upheaval. Great times, huh, folks?

After last week’s soul-crushing loss to the Vikings, where the Bears probably set a record for trips into opposing territory without scoring points (No, I am not looking that up), maybe hopefully at the least, today’s game can be a palate-cleanser of sorts.

Anyway, three more games to go for the Navy and Orange. Make this one watchable, please.

Bear Down, my friends.

Not sure what more I can really add to the above this time. The offense was terrible at finishing drives, the defense looked far better than it had any right to, and Matt Nagy still looked completely inept when given every good field position chance he had.

Nevertheless, we’re here, and the season’s not over. So parse it out, we will.

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