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Stock up, stock down: The Bears won a game!

The Bears won and it wasn’t even against Detroit!

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Say what you want, but winning is still fun. It’s still better than losing.

Especially when the team has been losing as much as the Chicago Bears have.

Beating the Seattle Seahawks didn’t change anything.

It was ultimately meaningless, I don’t think it saved Matt Nagy from the ax, I think he was always going to get the full season, it doesn’t do anything for a draft pick the Bears don’t have and it doesn’t change that they’re still out of the playoffs.

But it was fun to be on the other side, it was fun to have something to be cheerful about on a Sunday evening, instead of the impending work week and the existential dread of a favorite football team.

Stock up

Nick Foles, QB - He was just fine. Not impressive, not anything that anyone didn’t expect. He was the Nick Foles we all know, he’ll pull a couple big plays out, but otherwise luckily didn’t do anything to screw it up. Foles’ moment reminded me of the 2010 British Grand Prix, if you’ll humor me for a second. This was pre-Drive to Survive, so many newer F1 fans won’t remember, but basically Red Bull showed favoritism to their young, World Championship-contending driver Sebastian Vettel over veteran teammate Mark Webber. Webber took a chance in turn one, went on to win the race and, upon addressing the team on the radio said “Not bad for a No. 2 driver, eh?” This was Nick Foles’ “Not bad for a No. 3 QB, eh?” performance.

Khalil Herbert, RB - Why does Herbert get only two carries a game? I get that David Montgomery is the best offensive weapon the Bears have, but why not even just a little bit more effort to get Herbert some touches? He took one of his two carries 20 yards for a touchdown and averaged 18 yards per kick return.

Dazz Newsome, WR - The rookie sixth-round pick didn’t get a ton of chances as a receiver and had a drop on one of his two targets, but he really showed out as a punt returner, setting up the Bears’ first touchdown with a 28 yard return. When there isn’t much to be excited about late in the year of a losing season, it’s fun to look and see what the rookies are doing.

Stock down

Germain Ifedi, T - Why is he getting so much playing time at this point in the year? I hope he enjoyed his captainship for a week and his “revenge game” because he should be relegated back to the bench. He didn’t play particularly well, surrendering pressure and at least one sack, as well as being a wet blanket on David Montgomery’s snow angel and getting a false start on a third down.

Teez Tabor, S - I get that Tabor is playing because of the injuries and COVID issues and I get that he’s been around the league because he washed out of Detroit after being a fairly high draft pick. But his unnecessary roughness penalty, no matter how close you think it might have been, was ridiculous and it was nice to see Tabor’s playing time on defense drop from playing 100 percent on Monday night against Minnesota to 14 percent against Seattle.

Eddie Goldman, DT - Goldman’s snap counts have been decreasing and this week was his second lowest of the season (behind only the Cardinals game). On Monday, his position coach gave him some tough love publicly. I don’t know that he’s going to be bad next year, but he’s been very good in Chicago, so here’s hoping he can turn it around.