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Visualize this: Coaching Candidate Flow Chart

Confused about what head coaching candidates are out there? Use this handy flow chart!

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Have I lost my mind? I mean, maybe. It’s Week 17 of a bad Chicago Bears season and in just a couple of weeks, they will almost certainly dive into the head coaching pool to find their next leader. I thought about finding a way to categorize these candidates in an easy way last night and my scratch paper ended up looking like a scene out of It’s Always Sunny - the one with the red yarn.

So, I thought I should either scrap the idea or just lean into it and make a crazy visual. I leaned in.

The names on the list are names that have at least been mentioned by someone as a viable candidate for head coach by someone. I don’t necessarily agree with all the names, but I included most of what I’ve heard. Are there more? Sure, there are more. But I’d need more yarn.

A not so serious head coaching candidate flow chart

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