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Justin Fields is a Winner!

Justin Fields is getting praise for off-field decision-making.

Chicago Bears v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Justin Fields is already winning! It might not show up on his stat sheet, but at this point the Chicago Bears should take any accolades they can get. Fields–who is Vegan–received the “Favorite Animal-Friendly Athlete” Libby Award from PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Fields became a Vegan while still playing for the Ohio State University in May 2020, and he feels it works for him.

“I feel great, my body feels great and I feel faster and stronger,” Fields said in response to his switch.

That confidence is a good thing, because this season has had its ups and downs for the first-round draft pick. This award means that Fields beat out Carolina Panthers’ Robby Anderson and professional athletes of all kinds from numerous sports.

Of course, Fields’ plant-forward thinking has been in the news before. In August, he mentioned wanting to open a Vegan pizza shop: “You rarely see famous Chicago pizza restaurants that have vegan cheese on it…We would definitely create more knowledge to other people that think vegan stuff is nasty. So if I were able to do that, we could get the word out, and people would try it, and more people would think about going vegan or plant-based.”

Fields already has a lot of fans in Chicago, so this one award might not move the needle too much on his popularity. However, it’s a cause he believes in, and it’s nice to see him get some credit for having convictions.

Now if only he can get some decent play-calling.