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Biggs: Makes little sense to promote Pace

Brad Biggs joins the Bears Banter Podcast!

Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

After another loss to the Arizona Cardinals and another one most likely on the horizon to the Green Bay Packers, Brad Biggs joins to talk about the future of the Chicago Bears!

Is Matt Nagy 100% going to be fired? What’s the future of Ryan Pace? Brad even discusses if he thinks the McCaskeys will continue to own this team moving forward. As you would expect, Brad has plenty of interesting things to say about this organization and the direction it could and should be headed.

There’s been a rumor that Ryan Pace could be promoted to a President of Football Ops role and allow a new GM to come in with roster control, and that’s one that Brad doesn’t endorse.

“You’d want to know the thinking that goes behind that [decision]. Basically, you’re talking about a guy failing upward, right? We need a new GM, but this guy’s going to get a promotion. We got to promote this guy so we can replace him.”

But Brad did go on to say that he does think anything is on the table and wouldn’t say that the idea was definitely not being considered.

There’s plenty to unpack so check out the episode below!