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What if the Bears don’t trade for Wentz?

The Bears must have some other options right now besides just waiting to see what happens in Philadelphia.

Oakland Raiders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We’re now at a full week since the trade rumors involving the Chicago Bears making a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Carson Wentz popped up, and while everything has been quiet on Chicago’s side, there has been plenty coming from the East Coast.

A few Philadelphia media personalities have shared tidbits about the trade from “sources” around the NFL, but the general consensus is that Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is just trying to bluff up some additional interest in Wentz. The Bears and Colts are still presumably in the running, but neither team has an offer the Eagles are willing to accept.

The Colts have already been rumored to have interest in other quarterbacks, most notably Sam Darnold and Matt Ryan, although the Ryan rumor was shot down quickly, but it’s out there that Colts GM Chris Ballard isn’t content to wait for Wentz.

So should Bears’ GM Ryan Pace sit on his hands and wait Roseman out, or should he turn to some other quarterbacks that are rumored to be on the trade block.

Earlier this week noted NFL insider Benjamin Allbright Tweeted out that Wentz isn’t the only pupil of Chicago’s newly promoted passing game coordinator/QB coach, John DeFilippo, that the Bears have checking in on.

Like many, I connected those dots to the Raiders Derek Carr and the Jaguars Gardner Minshew II, who both previously worked with DeFilippo, and while Allbright didn’t outright agree with my assessment, he did retweet me.

Could the Bears be in on one, or both, of those quarterbacks if Wentz doesn’t happen?

There have been no concrete reports about the Bears looking anywhere, but Wentz can’t really be their plan A, B, and C. They must have some other pokers in the fire besides the one in Philly, especially with so many quarterbacks rumored to be on the market.

Minshew would certainly be a plan X or Y, as his tape in Jacksonville isn’t exactly dreamy, but if all else fails the Bears could probably send a day three pick their way and let Flip coach him up.

Carr would be more enticing than Wentz, but he’d likely cost a lot more too. While it seems the Eagles are holding out for at least first rounder to pry Wentz away, the starting point in a Raiders deal for Carr would likely be a first.

If the Bears are forced into shipping out their first round pick, I’d rather it be for Carr than Wentz.

Besides the aforementioned Darnold, Jimmy Garoppolo’s name has been making the rounds, Russell Wilson’s unhappiness hit the news cycle this week, and there’s always the blockbuster deal for Deshaun Watson still out there.

Carolina’s Teddy Bridgewater could also be in play if the Panthers draft a QB or swing a trade for Watson.

We’ve gone over the free agent quarterback list ad nauseam, and none of those elicit any real excitement as brand new Bears. Cam Newton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, Andy Dalton, etc...

The NFL Draft is always an option, but with their top pick at 20, there’s no guarantees they’d be able to get their guy.

And then there’s the only quarterback currently under contract in Chicago, Nick Foles, who my guess is their plan Z.